Does reporting someone as Unskilled do anything?

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  3. Does reporting someone as Unskilled do anything?

User Info: saagar03

5 years ago#1
Its really annoying playing with idiots who try to commando into a 5 man group by themselves and end up with 15-20 deaths. I got stuck these idiots for the last 7 games. I just want to know what exactly happens when you report some as unskilled.

User Info: anilEhilated

5 years ago#2
Well, their normal elo is supposed to drop.
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User Info: eco master

eco master
5 years ago#3
I don't think there's been an official report on what reporting as Unskilled actually does. There are theories that seem to be firmly believed, such as so many Unskilled reports drops ELO slightly, or that it actually does nothing at all. I'd be interested in finding out, too.

Not only are some people genuinely unskilled, those people usually cause others to start flaming, "stop feeding noob" and whatnot, and the game spirals out of control from there.

EDIT: Did a little looking and found a thread with a Red post in it:

Seems like it does indeed do something to help matchmaking, but as to what exactly that is, it seems we just don't know.


Looks reasonable to believe that ELO is modified in some way. Perhaps a hard change (the number is actually adjusted) or a modifier (<your elo> minus <some elo amount based on reports>)?
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User Info: FerretDruid

5 years ago#4
aniLEhilated posted...
Well, their normal elo is supposed to drop.

No, it's not.

All they've ever said is that it may be used to gather data to adjust matchmaking, it will never affect anyone's personal rating.
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User Info: evangelion933

5 years ago#5
Enough of them are supposed to drop their invisible ELO. That way if they're continuously doing poorly, they move down to a level more appropriate for them. In my experience, having a high ELO is more annoying because you end up paired with the really noob teams. Whereas, if you suck, you end up paired with good people to balance it out.
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  3. Does reporting someone as Unskilled do anything?

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