What is CS and Elo?

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User Info: rambos1999

5 years ago#1
Explain your sorcery.
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User Info: Edge4o7_

5 years ago#2
CS = creep score, how many minions you've last hit.

Elo = your rank
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User Info: Who knows

Who knows
5 years ago#3
To add to CS, it came from -cs command from dota.
Who Knows? I know.
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User Info: PhoenixNine

5 years ago#4
In Dota, "minions" are known as creeps.

Which is actually wrong, since creeps are by Warcraft 3 definition "neutral monsters camped around the map". Therefore, only the actual neutral monsters in Dota are creeps, while the lane "creeps" are in fact allied and enemy non-hero units.

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