So how can I practice roles I'm not used to?

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  3. So how can I practice roles I'm not used to?

User Info: 7Nitro7Blazer7

6 years ago#1
Or, really, anything that isn't support or jungler.

To clarify, I love playing jungle or support. They are without a doubt my favourite roles to play. However: I want to learn other roles so I've got a bit better of an understanding of laning. See, as jungler, obviously, I don't have to last hit or harass or lane. As support, laning is a completely different experience as you don't focus on minions aside from the like, 3 seconds where your carry is gone.

I'm by no means a spectacular player. However, I'm decent enough that when I'm thrown into a laning position, because I lack experience with it, I get crushed. I don't know how or when to trade or harass, and end up losing minions to my tower because I don't know when to push out harder.

So if I lane, I lose my lane. I get frustrated and so does my team. But I want to get better at it. Should I make a smurf? should I try to find customs? =/
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User Info: o___Okami

6 years ago#2
You get better by playing against better players. Just go normal blind.
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User Info: Fenrir the Wolf

Fenrir the Wolf
6 years ago#3
Play a few bot games and focus on last hitting imo. Then try it out against real players to get a better feel for last hitting well while also harrassing your opponents.
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User Info: Silverflash-x

6 years ago#4
If it's really last hitting and minions in general that are giving you trouble, play some bot games until you can last hit well with at least a few characters, and then just start playing normals until you learn to harass. I'd go bot lane with a friend on support or tank to give you an easier time. In fact, if you can get a 5-man premade, do that. That way, if you fail, no one will get pissed at you.
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User Info: noone369

6 years ago#5
I play normals when learning new champ or new role, of course sometimes i feed but the second game is much better.
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User Info: Wii_kid_bf2142

6 years ago#6
its really easy to learn how to lane, trade, and last hit as an ad carry. pick up tristana, cait, vayne, or graves.
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