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User Info: Ragvald

5 years ago#1
A lot of people don't believe just how much money you can make streaming.

Payment / 1000 Ad Impressions

That means for every 1000 Viewers that VIEW the ad the streamer gets 3 dollars. They run groups of three ads and there is no "reduction" for doing this as long as you don't spam them non-stop so they make 9 dollars per game per 1000 viewers. You're only allowed to run ads when not interrupted the content so the streamer cannot run ads while a game is running.

The TSM group are all considered part of the "Solomid" group so all their viewers go into the same pot and they're considered a "Large Partner". Often Solomid players can have 20k viewers at once between all of them so that is 60 an hour before you subtract ad block. Even after ad block it's still a massive amount. And 60 is a minimum since most games are 20-40 and not 60 minutes. So they can easily make a ton of money.

Somebody like chu8 though only averages a small partner profit due to his 800 viewers but that's still roughly 1.50 per ad so if every game is 30 minutes he can make 9 an hour playing this game. It's not as much but it's still a solid profit for playing video games. That is ofc before you add in ad block. Probably closer to 7.20 or something.

So basically, I'm going to get my stream featured on solomid to get more attention to it and you guys better not use ad block if you watch me. Tyvm.
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User Info: Ragvald

5 years ago#2
Oh don't forget CLG. GBob is part of the CLG group since they give him extra money to advertise CLG. Saintvicious and HSGG get more viewers then anybody and GBob is up there as well. CLG combined can easily have 30k viewers making insane profit off streaming and they don't even need to play tournaments.
League ID: FYA Umashi
Solomid ID: FYA Umashi

User Info: Anbu_Panda

5 years ago#3
go stratagize a way to beat sun jian as wei
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User Info: g-cube_masta

5 years ago#4
either i can watch your stream with adblock or I can not watch your stream

choice is yours BRO
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User Info: cjpv1

5 years ago#5
Makes me slightly jelly to be honest. But still, good for you all.
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User Info: Kazr

5 years ago#6
The Internet would have to pay for me to use it before I turn off ad block.
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User Info: J0mega

5 years ago#7
Does it make anyone else jelly that some of these kids are basically making the same as real jobs like mine?

People with 5k viewers get ~$50 per hour if they show the 3 ads every 40 min (5000 - 20% for adblockage = 4000 / 1000 = 4 * 3 = $12 per ad per 40 min *3 ads= $36 per 3 ads per 40 min * 1.5 = $54 per hour)
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User Info: DoctorEggman

5 years ago#8
Yeah, but you gotta hit a large number of viewers for it to be even remotely comparable to working a real job. Still, 9 bucks an hour for playing video games? My only worry is that it stops being fun. Game burnout sucks.
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User Info: Xa3r0x

5 years ago#9
Also, this game can go down under any moment. Where will these people go once LoL is gone? LoL Gameplay ; PSN - Xaer0x914 ;
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User Info: davidaaronk

5 years ago#10
Holy crap 9 bucks an hour. Time to quit my job. -_-
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