Tear on Swain?

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User Info: aqualord29

5 years ago#1
Yay or nay? Also, does your ult help it get stacked?
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User Info: silent_loud

5 years ago#2
I say nay because he isn't spammy enough (like Kassidin who needs the large pool for rift bombing) or Sona or Yorick. I think with RoA and blue buff his mana is fine.

User Info: Fire_Away

5 years ago#3
Cooldowns are too long to make efficient use of it.
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User Info: LunarApple

5 years ago#4

His ult doesn't even proc it.
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User Info: God_of_Gore

5 years ago#5
If you really need mana regen (and I only say to get this if you are new with Swain) then just get a chalice or something but RoA is the best route.
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