AD Carry Runes

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User Info: Doomikazi

5 years ago#1
What kind of runes do you run on your ad carries (Ashe, cait, Tryn, etc.). Just trying to figure out what runes to start grabbing. Already have attack speed glyphs and looking into quints right now.
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5 years ago#2
Attack speed glyphs and quints?

Standard page nowdays is flat AD reds and quints, armour yellows (both for trading, reds/quints for last hitting), flat magic resist blues.

User Info: ISamfisherI

5 years ago#3
These are currently my pages

AD Red
Arm yellow
MR Blue
AD Quints

These are the most standard AD carry runes. My next ones are simply replaced by MR/lvl blues.

Then I have:

AD Reds
Arm Yellow
Armor Blue
Armor quint x1 AD quint x2

Typically my Vayne page

User Info: NormalCat

5 years ago#4
Two options

The old school option that some players still prefer is
AS red
armour yellow
mres blue
AD or AS quints

The new option is
Flat AD quints and reds
Scaling AD yellows and blues.

User Info: Tekutso

5 years ago#5
I run ArP Reds and quints. Am I doing it wrong?
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User Info: Fenrir the Wolf

Fenrir the Wolf
5 years ago#6
The trend these days is to run AD reds since it helps with last hitting and there's a bunch of free ArPen in the masteries
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User Info: duha

5 years ago#7
Just like everyone said here.

I run Flat AD reds and Quints for last hitting made easier.
flat Armor yellows to handle more harass from the ranged AD
Magic res/lvl blues to handle harass from the support

I guess if you had a good sustain lane like Sona you could run a full page of AD runes, but I like the extra security early game with the armor and magic res.
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