Jungle Fiora?

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User Info: jarjarbanks22

5 years ago#1

Seems like she'll be a pretty solid jungler. She's got good sustain with her passive and Riposte, fast clear with Burst of Speed, and good ganks with Lunge and Blade Waltz. You guys think she'll be a top tier Jungler? Or do you think she's more fit for top solo?

User Info: kaitokun

5 years ago#2
probably solo top ideally but able to jungle
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User Info: bioburn

5 years ago#3
shyvana tier
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User Info: Tekutso

5 years ago#4
Meta breaker. Send her bot with support. Gg.
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User Info: Voidgolem

5 years ago#5
Doesn't seem like a jungler unless her passive heals a lot.
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User Info: SH_Wyrm

5 years ago#6
Voidgolem posted...
Doesn't seem like a jungler unless her passive heals a lot.

Anyone can jungle in the jungle 0.2.
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User Info: NormalCat

5 years ago#7
Well she doesn't have an AoE so her clears will be slow, and she doesn't have any CC so her ganks will be bad.

However she does have incredible sustain and in a 1v1 she'll kill most people before they even know that it's happening, so playing her as a counterjungler could have it's merits.

That said, her solo top will be MUCH better, and there are loads of better junglers out there, so really you're just wasting the jungle slot AND not getting her full potential out of her if you send her to jungle.

User Info: BettyUboa

5 years ago#8
You don't need CC if you rocket in so fast wards are meaningless and have an invincible ultimate that's a nearly guaranteed kill and will take up enough time to refresh all your cooldowns.

Hell, she could even gank from behind the tower.
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User Info: Dark_Luna3

5 years ago#9
Fiora/Karma bot gogogo.

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