PAX 2012 skins

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User Info: GreenDay42k

5 years ago#1
I am pretty sure Riot didnt say who was going to have the PAX skin this year so place your vote who you wish the skin was for. I will try to tally the votes every day until PAX if this gets some replies.

My vote is Soraka because she is a popular support champ and she only has a few skins.

1 Soraka

User Info: Voidgolem

5 years ago#2
PAX Swain.

Ult turns him into the giant owl thing from the Lookouts interlude.
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Flare the Echidna 5 years ago#3
PAX Riven imo

I don't even play Riven.

User Info: rapturexxv

5 years ago#4
Soraka. She has terrible skins. She needs a good one.

User Info: GreenDay42k

5 years ago#5
2 Soraka
1 Swain
1 Riven

User Info: rpgomatic

5 years ago#6
pulsefire ezreal

User Info: Captain_Teemo

5 years ago#7
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User Info: Kirby1207

5 years ago#8
rpgomatic posted...
pulsefire ezreal
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User Info: GreenDay42k

5 years ago#9
2 Soraka
2 Ezreal
1 Swain
1 Riven
1 Teemo

User Info: RunesCall

5 years ago#10
I vote Soraka as well.
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