The way Froggen build Anivia

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User Info: Grapes_37

5 years ago#1
Rushes Archangels
Spirit Visage
Spell Vamp Quints

I know he's the best out there on anivia in terms of skills (stuns almost all the time, great positioning), but if he played with a normal build don't you think he would do a lot better.

Even commentators just say "Not sure what about Froggen's build, but he's the Anivia master so everything is right for him I guess". .__.

User Info: Fire_Away

5 years ago#2
Froggen enjoys trolling people by beating them with really stupid builds.
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User Info: MapleStory0Wind

5 years ago#3
He probably was going for tanky Anivia with an Archangel's solely for mana regen, honestly, since most nontraditional AP carry builds will feature 0 mana regen (and a super low mana pool)

User Info: FreshSushi

5 years ago#4
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User Info: Defunctive

5 years ago#5
Is there a match where he does this?
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User Info: Grapes_37

5 years ago#6 vs m5 (Kings of Europe) Grand Final game 1

User Info: g-cube_masta

5 years ago#7
if you think that's something what about warmogs cass :P

the reason they do it is because anivia and cass have strong damage regardless so building them that way makes them tanky deeps
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User Info: gam3szzz_2

5 years ago#8
So he's really tanky with Anivia early.
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User Info: EltoniaX

5 years ago#9
Saw a warmogs veigar wreck **** today.
you have some extreme mental instability issues- Lmaokai
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