CYOA: You are Fiddlesticks in a cornfield

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User Info: X_Faktor

5 years ago#21
Will update here in an hour or so

User Info: Dynasty_Vic

5 years ago#22
10/10 for the brilliant post and story. (Not saying this is a troll post)

Option D: Scream lululuacawcawcaw :P
Current Status: Newbie :p

User Info: X_Faktor

5 years ago#23
C: Ask the nearby crows for help.

Well, you're in a cornfield right? Crows are abound here, and with your ability to command them at will, they should be able to help you out of this little jam.

You turn towards the nearest flock of crows and fixate your mind upon them. They screech in terror and fly away.

"what the hell? Why didn't they listen to me?"

You shuffle angerily on the pole, trying to get each and every crow to help you, but to no avail. Why aren't your powers working here? The f*** man, this is retarded. These crows will pay for their insolence!

You toss a dark wind at the nearest crows, who screech and fall to the floor dead as the dark wind bounces around them. Soon, the field is full of dead crows.

"..what the hell? Why are all these dead crows lying around my god damn field? Some sort of here bird flu?"

You turn around to see a farmer and his wife walking towards you, looks of horror on their faces.

"must be tat new confounded scarecrow i made yesterday doin it jerb." The farmer laughs, giving his wife a wink and a smile.

You don't know who these people are, but you intend to do something about them calling you a damn scarecrow.

A: Throw a darkwind at them.

B: Drain the farmers life essence and take his wife for your own

C: Crowstorm off the pike and into the middle of the couple

D: Other.

User Info: gam3szzz_2

5 years ago#24
-=TGF=- LoL ID: TGF Pinkuu (Support Player)

User Info: Zjakz

5 years ago#25
GT: TF2 Airborne

User Info: funkys-flights

5 years ago#26
Drain and hope he doesnt move out of range during the channel
................ ~...............
anoche sone contigo ;)

User Info: KeepItCivil

5 years ago#27
B. Can he seduce the wife instead?
"These other people, who clearly are dumb, and not me" talk that is commonly associated with concerns is not a great debate presentation."

User Info: reptilesrule

5 years ago#28
"The $ comes before the #" -BrooklynHeight5
"On my keyboard the # comes before the $." -Plasmarrow

User Info: gwwak

5 years ago#29
Hardcore - We'll probably be modded for this...

User Info: GForceDragon

5 years ago#30
I don't understand! I'm throwing money at the monitor, but nothing's happening!
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