Nocturne build?

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User Info: Boogyy

5 years ago#1
What's a common and most frequently used Nocturne build that you use in solo queue?
I'm thinking 21/0/9 masteries.

Arpen/AD marks, armor seals, MR/level glyphs, AD Quints.

Frozen Mallet

Is this too much tankiness and sacrificing damage that Nocturne is better off doing?
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User Info: HighUlitma

5 years ago#2
Nocturne does not need to build attack speed, so your build is okay. However, I'm just gonna put it out there that atma's kinda blows now.
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User Info: Wii_kid_bf2142

5 years ago#3
I personally like getting ghostblade after building wriggles and HoG
Frozen atmas is strong on him too.
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User Info: Boogyy

5 years ago#4
Perhaps Maw or Wits End is a better replacement?
Flowers are really unbalance

User Info: Kirby217

5 years ago#5
I play glass cannon noc....

atkspd red/yellow/quints
mana/lv blue


vamp cepter
atkspd boots
Spirits Visage <--- Ive only gotten to this point a hand full of times.... Will let you 2v1 a tank and carry!! (make sure you are attacking the carry tho)
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User Info: x77654

5 years ago#6
I just started playing nocturne i've played about 15 games with him in blind pick as jungler and have tried changing my build up each game to see what works. I find that if i build too tanky (2 or more major tank items) I survive a bit longer but not enough to kill anyone or make much of a difference really. I tried glass cannon noc and while it pwns if nobody focuses you, after the first couple of times you dive their carry and kill them they'll know to focus you the second you ult into a team fight and when they do that you die on the spot.

I have tried to find the happy medium but I am finding it difficult I just don't know. Late game is so hard for me as nocturne despite having a great jungle. Keep those tips coming we need'em.
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User Info: sing_yaj

5 years ago#7
Noc is my main jungler, i buidl noc differently depending on team comp.

I usually go with this build and a slight variation depending on the team comp

armr pen red and quint, armor yellow, mr per lvl

Wriggle->bloodthirst (upgrade last)
bezerker greaves
brutalizer-> ghostblade(upgrade second to last) or sell for last whisper if enemy have alot of armor
Frozen mallet (i sometime get warmog if i really need extra hp/ sunfire cape if enemy is mostly melee)
Force of nature/qss (i normally get fon)

Against an ap team i get wits end over atma and replace force of nature with qss depending on if they have alot of cc

I sometime go glass cannon if i am really dominating or if i feel i got a good team comp and i can get away with it.

Wriggle-> bloodthirst
bezerker greaves
Black Cleaver (last whisper if enemy have alot of armor)
QSS/PD (i normally get Qss if they have at least 1 cc that can lock me down)

User Info: iXCelticXi

5 years ago#8
Boogyy posted...
Perhaps Maw or Wits End is a better replacement?

Maw. Great on Noct.
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User Info: x77654

5 years ago#9
C-c-c-combo Breaker ( =O'.')===O<(x_X< )

User Info: HardcoreFtw

5 years ago#10
I tend to go Bootsx3 pots>(depends how things goes Madred>wriggles>*Boot depending what we're vsing or attackspeed* >Ghostblade(by then I'm owning so hard they'll surrender at 20 or they'll start focusing you in groups.. I go more dps or more tanky)
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