CRaC #34 - Using their wings to propel themselves in space...

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User Info: Luster_Sly

5 years ago#31

From: Try_Harder_Nubz | #028
Ruloc, the Void Insurgent

Way to copy my goddamn title >:(

User Info: Try_Harder_Nubz

5 years ago#32
Luster_Sly posted...
From: Try_Harder_Nubz | #028
Ruloc, the Void Insurgent
Way to copy my goddamn title >:(

wtf I never saw that

CHANGE IT TO: Ruloc, The Void Spirit
this man is a genius^ Nautilus/Kennen main
LoL: TryHarderNubz

User Info: Luster_Sly

5 years ago#33

From: Try_Harder_Nubz | #032
wtf I never saw that

CHANGE IT TO: Ruloc, The Void Spirit

ty :>

User Info: KeepItCivil

5 years ago#34
The Void is the space between worlds, and as such, it's required to go through it if one wants to travel to different planes. This has brought a great deal of trouble to different beings, since the Voidborn are not too keen in letting a perfect meal leave for whatever reason. But there was one whose greed and curiosity was such that, for a rather high fee and the pleasures of travel, would become a bodyguard for a set duration. Les'Trex would become one of the richest and most powerful beings in the Void thanks to this, since one of his conditions was a trophy of the destination. Said tropy would be the head of the most dangerous creature he could find. Most fought back.
Les'Trex entered this world accompanying some rather odd excursion. It seems that some of the Voidborn had found a crack, but having heard of strange habits of "beings abducted for bloodsport", they hired Les'Trex for protection. And he was worth every penny, since when they were recognized as Voidborn, Les'Trex had to be left behind fighting the incursion from the summoners while they entered and closed the crack again. Recognizing true talent when they saw it, the summoners offered Les'Trex the opportunity to join the League to hone his skills with the best of the world.

"Still haven't decided which one... That being with the lamppost seems rather fearsome, that one really ruthless, the other really tricky... Decisions, decisions." - Les'Trex
"These other people, who clearly are dumb, and not me" talk that is commonly associated with concerns is not a great debate presentation."

User Info: Voidgolem

5 years ago#35

From: sonicpower22 | #025
Voidgolem posted...

Passive: Nether Plating: Ramiro converts 10% of his mana to armor and magic resist.

is that a joke because that passive would give more than 100 armor/MR basically every game

and about 20 of both at lvl 1
would be balanced around 1-1.5%

Since numbers are impossible to change, both in the "Has very little base mana" or "alter the %" sense.
"In the grim darkness of the far future, curiosity will seriously kill you...and turn you inside-out, and...possibly turn you into a crazed demon."

User Info: Juxtaposed_

5 years ago#36
The Black Phantom

Backstory: As the barriers between worlds erodes, dark souls pass through the void.

Appearance: A glowing dark red/black knight.
Passive: The Red Tearstone The Red Tearstone senses and responds to death. The champion's ratios are doubled for (small number) seconds after a kill or assist.

Q: Darkmoon Blade: The champion dashes to the target point, dealing (moderate) damage (+.5 AD) to all units it passes through. Upon reaching his destination, the champion smashes his weapon into the ground, knocking up all nearby enemies and dealing (moderate) damage (+.5 AD)
Think Anivia's Q with knockup

W: Eyestone Ritual: The champion pulses once, dealing (moderate) damage (+.25 AD) to all nearby enemies and slowing their movement speed by (small amount). After 3 seconds, a Black Phantom Invader will appear from the void behind a random enemy champion in (small radius) and deal (heavy) damage (+.7 AD).

E: Abysswalker's Poise: For up to 2 seconds, the champion is immune to CC effects, takes 30% reduced damage and moves 15% faster. The next time the champion autoattacks an enemy, the buff is consumed and the champion deals bonus damage for every CC ignored (+.5 AD).

R: The Dark Soul: The champion passively gains (medium amount) health. Upon activation, the champion deals (% of health) damage to nearby minions and is healed (+1 AD) for each minion killed.
Fortune Cookie Wisdom! There is a false and insincere friendship between you and another

User Info: Sir Spiffy Cape

Sir Spiffy Cape
5 years ago#37
Patel Khamri, the World Key

Patel, at first glance, is just a regular person. Maybe extraordinary in his stature and the loyalty of his own little void cult, but his colorful volcanic glass walking stick is something entirely out of this world.

The green hue it emits sends the weak-willed into a trance of fear, and distorts the instincts of seasoned warriors. That's because it opens a very tiny hole into the world of the unknown each time it tastes blood, and the residual aura from the previous times it worked its magic invokes the primal memories of terror engrained in the genes of Runeterrans by the voidborn creatures of old.

Using the power of this walking stick, Patel took advantage of Kassadin and Malzahar's frequent clashes and established his own little cult, although his interest is solely in possessing power and not related to the void in any way. That's why, when his walking stick was chipped by a voidborn attempting to escape during one of his demonstrations, he entered the league and offered to share the secrets of his staff, if the summoners were to repair it and fund his void club.

Appearance: A large, muscular, dark-skinned man in a white prophet's robe, holding a short walking staff made of a glassy material.
A game that promotes slavery and gambling under the illusion of 'friendship' and 'sportsmanship' is automatically an awesome game. - dydt

User Info: Sir Spiffy Cape

Sir Spiffy Cape
5 years ago#38
Passive: World Key

Patel's attacks open up a void hole behind his target. This hole lasts 1 second if it is formed from a minion or monster, 3/3.5/4 seconds if it is formed from an enemy champion. This ability can only work on the same target once every 2 seconds.

Q - Formless Needle

Click-drag with an empty void hole as the origin to use. Sends out a long bloody spike in the direction of choice. If it impales an enemy champion, it deals 60/100/140/180/220 + (0.6AP) magic damage and drag them to the destination point while dealing the same damage to anything in the way. The spike is leashed onto the impaled victim until the void hole it originates from is closed. If Patel is in the path of the spike, the spike will impale Patel as well, dealing no damage to Patel, anchoring itself on Patel, but restricting the movement of the enemy champion impaled onto the spike to only being able to move up and down along the spike until the void hole the spike originates from is collapsed.

If it misses, the spike retreats back into the void hole and it is available to be used again.

Range: 450
Drag-range: 500
Cost: 75 mana
Cooldown: 3/2.5/2/1.5/1 seconds

W - Unknown Haze

Click-drag with any void hole as the origin to use. The void hole shatters into pieces, and flies toward the direction of choice, dealing 10/14/18/22/26 + (0.05 AP)% of the target's current health in damage to the first target it comes into contact with, and silencing them for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds.

Range: 450
Drag-range: 600
Cost: 50 mana
Cooldown: 4 seconds.

E - Open Gate

Patel slams the floor with his stick, sending out a shockwave that deals 50/100/150/200/250 + (0.7 AP) to everything around himself, and opening a portal behind any champions hit. If no enemy champions are hit, Patel is slowed by 25% and becomes usable as an infinitely empty void hole for 5 seconds(Infinite uses of Q and W with self as origin in this state, cooldown and mana permitting). If, in addition to the above, no minions are damaged, Patel becomes empowered with 30/35/40/45/50 armor penetration for 10 seconds.

AoE radius: 450
Cost: 100 mana
Cooldown: 15 seconds

Ultimate - Another World

Patel sends out a global pulse that causes an effect with any open void holes.

Empty Hole: Sends out a swirl of energy, silencing and slowing by 25% anyone within 125 range of a void hole for 0.3 seconds(0.1 second refresh). Energy lasts 2.5 seconds.

Spike Hole: Sends out a second spike toward the leashed target, shattering the origin hole in the process. This spike does not cause any knockback, but deals the same damage to anyone in the way.

Travelling shards from W: Explodes, dealing half its damage and silence duration to 250 radius around itself, and reforming into an empty void hole for 2 seconds.

Infinite Hole centered on self from E: Opens a 5 second, one-use hole.

Pulse Travel Speed: 1500
Cost: 200/100/50 mana. Drains an additional 25 mana for each void hole touched by the pulse.
No Cooldown
A game that promotes slavery and gambling under the illusion of 'friendship' and 'sportsmanship' is automatically an awesome game. - dydt

User Info: lolhemad99

5 years ago#39
Mur' Lokh, the Aqueous Killer.

Appearance: a creature with a fish head and a sleek body covered with fins and flippers. Mur' Lokh is an support-oriented AoE mage who specializes in controlling the battlefield and choosing opportune times to strike. Like Karma, he can level up his 3 basic abilities up to lvl 6, and has his "ult" available at lvl 1. He builds one stack of his ult every several seconds.

His abilities leave water on the ground, and his ult freezes the water. All enemies hit by ice take magic damage, are stunned for 1 second, and are affected by a bonus effect based on what abilities' ice they were one.

Lore: The Void is a dangerous place, but few realize that there is an underwater world in the Void as well. Deep in these watery caverns lurk a frightening race of merpeople. These creatures have avoided contact with the other Void beings...until now. Like all other denizens of the void, Mur' Lokh's origins are unknown, but one day he was found lying, unconscious on the beach of Valoran. Malzahar, who was passing, understood what the creature was and healed it, fearing that leaving the creature there would bring about its wrath. But now some are wondering: Is there a passage deep beneath the oceans of Runeterra that connect to the Void? Nobody may ever find out.

User Info: lolhemad99

5 years ago#40
Passive: Splashdown- Mur' Lokh's abilities leave water on the ground for 6 seconds. Enemies in the area have reduced AD and AP, while allies (including Mur' Lokh himself) have increased health regeneration. When Mur' lokh uses his ult, all existing water transforms into ice, freezing enemies briefly. Ice instantly removes water on the area.

Q: Waterfall- Mur' Lokh shoots a wave of powerful water in a wide, long line (like a shorter version of Janna's ult). Enemies hit take magic damage. The water that remains behind flows in the line the direction it was cast, and enemies in the area will take magic damage per half-second and are slowed if they are walking against the flow of the water. If the water is frozen the effect of the water flow is removed, but enemies, in addition to being frozen, will take bonus damage from the FRONT for the next 5 seconds.

This move is good against enemies who are chasing you, both by making them slowed if they continue in your direction, and by making them take more damage when hit by the front, so you can easily retaliate. For that reason, it's also great while ganking.

Cooldown: 15-14-13-12-11 seconds

W: Whirpool- Mur' lokh creates a whirlpool at the target area after a brief delay that lasts for a few seconds. Enemies in the area are slowed (slow gets stronger the closer you are to the center and take magic damage per half-second (damage gets stronger the closer you are to the center). When you freeze the whirpool the effect ends immediately. Enemies in the area, in addition to being frozen, will be knocked a flat distance toward the center of the pool and the damage of the freeze is doubled.

This move is used both for farming and in your burst combo. The knockback can be used to position for you and your allies spells, and by placing it in front of a moving enemy, you can make them walk through the center for maximum damage.

Cooldown: 13-12-11-10-9 seconds

E: Jet stream- Mur' lokh connects a tether of water to the target unit for a few seconds. Neither you nor the targeted unit are affected, but enemies who walk through the water have their armor and MR lowered and take magic damage. If the water is frozen, it will turn into ice and the tether will end (the ice will simply "drop down" to the ground). allies walking over the ice will gain a movement speed and attack range buff.

Jet stream is used both for harassment and for initiation. As it doesn't affect you or the target, you need to use it on an ally/enemy behind the one you want to hit. You will need good team coordination to use the ability, but it is very rewarding and you must decide whether you want to keep it on the target to walk around and do huge area damage, or drop it down into ice and help you and your allies.

Cooldown: 7 seconds

R: Freeze Prism- All water on the map freezes, ending its original effect but damaging and stunning enemies over the area for 1 second and adding new effect to the ice.

Because this spell has limited use, you must use it intelligently, choosing the right time to either secure a kill from a gank, position an enemy for another spell, or help your allies.

Cooldown: 1 second, but you gain 1 charge every 20 (lvl 1), 16 (lvl 7), or 12 (lvl 13) seconds. You can hold a max of 2 charges at a time.
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