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User Info: k0rupted1

5 years ago#1
My three favorite Junglers and I can't decide which is the best. What do you guys think? Rate their utility to the team and performance at all stages of the game:

Udyr -
His ganks are okay, but I feel as if there's better. Assuming he has boots and 1 point of stun. People can still get away even after the initial stun + red buff going. I like his strength in counter jungling though, he steals buffs like a champ with that clear .... his damage output is amazing whether Tiger form or Phoenix. It's also nice to stun everyone on the team giving him lots of utility and plenty of peel. I usually use Exhaust with him nowadays, Flash + stun is nice, but who's going to run with red buff + exhaust?

Skarner -
I feel like this guy is simply borderline OP... assuming your team is competent. Grab blue, he has a sick clearing time and great sustain. Once he has red. Top lane can be ganked. EVEN if they have Flash. People often say his ganks are sub-par or bad, but how if it's permaslow with red + Q. Especially since most tops don't have boots and the rare occasion when they run Ghost instead of Flash. Post 6, he becomes a monster. He can literally gank any lane with a high probability of achieving a successful gank. Grab or (Flash + Grab, if they Flash) and then slow them. If your carry can't get that kill then you have to have a bad team and have you ever ran from an Ashe + Skarner? Yeah you might as well stay still and die. Yes yes, I know. "Get QSS noob" ... even with QSS, you can still peel with your permaslow and peel with your ultimate in case they get on your carry. QSS isn't the end of the world.

Nautlius -
I never found this guy too appealing. But during his free week I realized how good he was. The guy has 4 CC's.... like really? 1 of those CC's, is a passive that can peel/stun someone momentarily (basically a team stun if you distribute your CC properly), His Q is an ESCAPE and a killer CC for Flash users. I almost feel bad for people who Flash away and I just simply Q + Slow them again. His W give him arguably good damage early game which also helps him tank more hits and refreshes his AA. His W is a team slow and his ultimate is ridiculous if aimed right. Downright, ridiculous. My little brother plays Kennen, yesterday I CC'ed their whole team and he got a Penta because how I positioned everyone well for him. It's just isn't fair being ganked by Nautilus at level 6. Hell even with wards, if you're slightly overextended. You are dead. I run him with Exhaust, so that just adds to the carnage.

In the end I feel that:

Skarner > Nautilus > Udyr (but each have their strengths and aren't too far from each other in ranks).

TL ; DR - How do you guys feel about each and where does each belong in rank utility wise and ganking potential?
PSN; k0rupted1
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User Info: sonicpower22

5 years ago#2
yeah when it comes to CC naut has way more then skarner or udyr but they both clear much better than him and have more damange

User Info: full_metal01

5 years ago#3
In terms of who I'd have on my team I'd go with Nautilus > Udyr > Skarner, but that may just be me. Nautilus cause so much more disruption than the other two and his ganks are legendary, even if his first clear is rather sub-par
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User Info: XcaIIion

5 years ago#4
Everyone has their preferences.
Due to my playstye
Udyr>Skarn>naut for me.

All three are great picks though.
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User Info: Arken101

5 years ago#5
With a team Nautilus>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Any other jungler.
Solo Que Udyr=/=Skarner due to their capabilities, skarner brings a lot more during the laning phase and can one out a single champ in teamfights, but Udyr's early game burst as well as his ability to stay powerful throughout the game and being an absolute teamfighting terror makes him amazing.
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User Info: k0rupted1

5 years ago#6
Ahh excellent answers!

>For Nautilus clear. I feel as if that inferior for people to judge him on that. I don't do golems. Just Wolves > Blue and level 2 gank. Then I just keep ganking to middle, wraiths and red. Assuming I get at least one gank successful, I'm pretty much set to get Red and Philosophers Stone. Once he gets his gold items, clearing aside from getting the buffs is inferior. Since he should be ganking/counter ganking (which is what i do and gives me a very high probability of a win).

>As for Udyr. Ironically, when I'm facing Udyr. I always pick Skarner against an Udyr. A good Udyr, usually goes for my red if I pick Nautilus. With Skarner I can just slow him all day and let DPS kill. I still pick Udyr though regardless, but I just can't stand the fact that I need to build a Mallet for a slow :/.
PSN; k0rupted1
WoW: Realm - Illdian - Toon: Omnilock

User Info: Village Idiot

Village Idiot
5 years ago#7
Whom you pick really depends on team comp
Actually, since Wedge Antilles > Carriers, and Carriers = Instant win, then it should be Wedge Antilles > Instant win. He's just that good XD -PsionicDude

User Info: Golden_Mean

5 years ago#8
Skarner has been my go to jungler lately, foregoing nocturne, simply because of the CC. If I had Nautilus I'd probably pick him every single time I jungled. CC wins fights (games). I'd pick Ali more often but solo-queue has taught me that teams are often so bad they can't even capitalize after I lay them kills on a platter. Then ali just stands around knocking people around in later fights while your team melts around you.

Nauti > Skarner > Udyr overall
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User Info: k0rupted1

5 years ago#9
Before going with Nautilus, I started with Alistar. I realized no matter how fed Alistar is ... A fed Alistar is not really scary :/

Nautilus > Alistar. Imo. Also he gets countered by Vayne and Olaf easily.
PSN; k0rupted1
WoW: Realm - Illdian - Toon: Omnilock

User Info: WFG_Elitest

5 years ago#10
Lol Skarner > Udyr LOLOLOLOL
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