So if you're Yorick or Mordekaiser

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User Info: Sir Spiffy Cape

Sir Spiffy Cape
5 years ago#1
If you make a ghost Draven, can the ghost Draven catch axes just like real Dravens can?
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User Info: Booshalicious

5 years ago#2
I should imagine you would be able to control them to, but not of their own accord.
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User Info: anilEhilated

5 years ago#3
I'd imagine he can, provided the axe somewhat gets in the air first since it seems that any Draven nabs any axe he comes around. And usually makes a quip on it.
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User Info: tuzlowps

5 years ago#4
Ghosts can't use abilities, so no.

User Info: Voidgolem

5 years ago#5
maybe, if you can maneuver it to where another Draven's axe is coming down, as the ghost won't be throwing axes on it's own.

EDIT: For Morde's ghosts, anyway. Yorick's version can do whatever it wants.
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User Info: AnybodyN9NE

5 years ago#6
if you use the ghost on draven by yorick then yea that player controls himself
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User Info: XcaIIion

5 years ago#7
tuzlowps posted...
Ghosts can't use abilities, so no.

draven can catch enemy draven's axes
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