So what's the best Pantheon skin?

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User Info: Worm199

5 years ago#1
Thinking of buying a skin to him, so let's start a vote:

Default - 0
Myrmidon - 0
Ruthless - 0
Perseus - 0
Full Metal - 0
Glaive Warrior - 0

User Info: DonutDeity

5 years ago#2
Ruthless>Glaive>Full Metal>Perseus>Myrmidon>Default
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User Info: DarkSyrup

5 years ago#3
Default - 0
Myrmidon - 0
Ruthless - 1
Perseus - 0
Full Metal - 0
Glaive Warrior - 0
so yeah. smd Ezpz ok... you so ezpz to pwn nub

User Info: God_of_Gore

5 years ago#4
Glaive Warrior
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User Info: Worm199

5 years ago#5
Actually I just watched the new splash arts the skins got. I dont have them yet because I play on EU West.

HOLY SPARTAN THEY ARE UGLY! Seriously they look horrible! That's a huge nerf to playing Pantheon now when you got those horrible portraits!

I really liked Myrmidon because it made him black with golden clothes, but with that splash art, I think I have to reconsider.

User Info: Ultima_Weapon33

5 years ago#6
None of them.

Honestly, all of his skins are still "Pantheon", if you know what I'm saying. They're really subtle changes and I couldn't even tell you if someone was using one, because they're just boring and he has a spear and shield either way you slice it.

So Default.
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User Info: Vorador47

5 years ago#7
i dont remember what it's called but the one where he looks like He-Man is the best one

User Info: _borT

5 years ago#8

Man-panty-on too very strong.

User Info: Aphoristic

5 years ago#9
Glaive Warrior
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User Info: ArtosRC

5 years ago#10
While the greatness of Ruthless' Speedo cannot be denied, I am partial to Full Metal, and even more so after the artwork update.
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