AP or AD ez??

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User Info: link0099

5 years ago#1
okay, so ive played a LOT of ezreal, and i used to think AD beat the crap out of AP, but after playing a lot of AP recently, he seems to bring a lot to teamfights.

which do you prefer, AP or AD?

and unrelated, is it worth getting a revolver on ez? i always thought no

User Info: zeppelin312

5 years ago#2
ad no question

User Info: Purpendiculous

5 years ago#3
AP is more fun, but seems to fall off late game. His Q isn't a great nuke until Lich Bane, if you attack someone with E, you don't have it to run away, and his ult does crazy damage upfront in team fights, but it isn't that hard to dodge, His W is very nice, but is rather small for an AoE.

My biggest complaint about him is that he has no way to clear minion waves quickly outside of his ult, so he easily pushed into tower and denied, since the skill you max first doesn't hit minions.

And I'd say no on the revolver, since you biggest damaging skills are AoE.

User Info: shadow99226

5 years ago#4
Every time I try to play AP Ez, I am just too used to AD Ez, and I suck at last hitting. I should give it another go sometime.

User Info: mattislegion

5 years ago#5
AP isn't that bad. Kinda meh before you get a Lichbane though. I would say that AD is better throughout the majority of the game except for a few situations.
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