Since Nasus is becoming more popular in solo queue.

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User Info: Fenrir the Wolf

Fenrir the Wolf
5 years ago#31
Covenant posted...
WW is rock vs. tree - neither's really going to go much of anywhere, and any meaningful conflict will result in 0-mana-both-sides, which just turns into lolhealoffominions.

But this hurts Nasus's Q farm as he's out of mana.

Then you don't get into a conflict since neither of you will kill the other anyway. And once nasus has a philo he can farm pretty much indefinitely anyway, even with low mana.
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User Info: kanated123

5 years ago#32
Alpha218 posted...
yorick pushes to tower and nasus loves being at tower
yorick deals sustained damage, nasus basically ignores sustained damage through his passive

Bad Yoricks, yes.
Pretty much every single champ deals sustained damage early on, especially tops. By your logic Nasus is uncounterable. Teemo deals sustained damage, are you implying that Nasus beats him? Lol.

omega bahumat posted...

Yorick works by out-sustaining people and pushing the lane

Nasus works by farming and out-sustaining people as well as having an AA reset to farm better at turrets

Yorick makes ghouls on all abilities to harass. These ghouls lose hp over time.

Nasus's Q gets more damage when he last hits anything.

Pretty sure I know who wins the lane match up.

This post has so many loopholes I won't bother arguing against it. Stop theorycrafting if you're going to leave 90% of the details out of the picture.

omega bahumat posted...
You don't know how to kite very well do you?

You literally run away and then Q it when it gets low.

Bam - magically delicious.

Again, you just showed how much you know about this subject. Are you actually implying that Yorick's ghouls' auto attacks are his main source of damage? Lol.

SIFAV7 posted...
You're not gonna be zoning him at tower.

Who says he has to? Again, Yorick's harass doesn't require any pushing, especially against melee champs.

omega bahumat posted...
Except the part that he gets Q farm off ghouls

And then there's the part where he runs out of hp. Farming a ghoul and taking 500 damage while getting 50 back from lifesteal isn't really what you'd call a good trade.

And then you expect the Yorick to keep throwing ghouls at you while he's zoning you for you to lifesteal off? Lol, some good Yoricks you've been playing with.

User Info: kanated123

5 years ago#33
SorrySleeping posted...
Yorick's ability to force Nasus out of lane happens early game. By early game, I mean pre-4. This argument doesn't help your case at all.

Nasus also does get Q farm from Yorick's minions, so even if by some miracle Yorick forces Nasus away from the real minions, he will still get his Q farmed. Because Yorick is forced to keep spamming his ghouls while already zoning Nasus AMIRITE? Dumb players shouldn't factor into an argument about champions.

Nasus needs to stay somewhat near the minion wave to get exp, which he will thanks to his built in sustain. Good luck winning the game with XP alone, being lvl 18 and having 0 gold and 0 Q farm is surely helpful. This one doesn't help your case either.

He can also COMPLETELY IGNORE GHOULS, making Yorick's "kiting" abilites useless versus Nasus, which means Nasus will get farm.Do you know what kiting means? I don't think so, you're saying that Yorick wants to kite Nasus? Wut?

SoraOwnsAll posted...
How is he losing Q farm? Yorick's ghouls give Nassus Q farm.

How is he losing experience?

Because Yorick is going to continue to spam ghouls when Nasus is already zoned so he can give away free farm and hp to Nasus?

Knight_Of_Order posted...
People still think Nasus counters Yorick...that's cute.

Pretty much this^

Sure, Nasus can farmoff Yorick's ghouls. Sure, Nasus can lifesteal off Yorick's ghouls. Sure, Nasus can lifesteal enough to sustain through Yorick's E harass.

Here's the thing: Yorick has more skills than his E. He also has auto attacks.

Yorick can easily stay near Nasus' creeps and use his EWQ combo when he comes to last hit and then auto attack him to hell.
Nasus can't tank that and he can't beat anyone (especially not a Yorick) in a 1v1 fight to the death so his only choice is to run away while tanking Yorick's and his ghouls' auto attacks until he gets near his turret. Yorick can do this easily without pushing his lane at all.

He can then proceed to wait for Nasus to come out again and not push his lane or use his ghouls at all (so he won't give out any free last hits). Nasus won't be getting anywhere near any creeps and therefore he won't be able to get any last hits or use his lifesteal. Yorick can do this for eternity, especially once he gets a manamune.

So tell me again how Nasus beats Yorick in top lane.

User Info: Zerothma

5 years ago#34
kanated123 posted...

So tell me again how Nasus beats Yorick in top lane.

He doesn't. I thought that was commonly accepted that Yorick beats Nasus until I saw this thread. Honestly, Yorick and Nasus are two of my most commonly played top lane champs, and I've played against enough Nasus's to be surprised by this thread.
Cleaning up inaccuracies on the internet, one idiot at a time.
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User Info: __Darujhistan__

5 years ago#35
I like many other idiots assumed that Yorick totally dominates Nasus solo top.

Then I learned how wrong I was.
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User Info: omega bahumat

omega bahumat
5 years ago#36
Kanated is wrong. We have explained why he is wrong.

He can continue to be silly if he wants to.

User Info: gkh5

5 years ago#37
Riven gets first blood at lvl 2 of their jungler starts on the other side of the map, lvl 3-4 if a lvl 2 gank is a threat. She then continues to zone and/or snowball before nasus can get any of the tanky cdr or q farm that makes him immovable.

User Info: Voidgolem

5 years ago#38
so many people what build nasus wrong in this topic.

The only time you are going to make Nasus give a **** about your damage output is levels 1-4. Period.

After that, he will have counterbuilt. And thus be able to farm relatively risk-free while you break yourself on him.
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User Info: FatherRussia

5 years ago#39
AP Teemo is an incredibly hard counter to nasus.

User Info: Blbmbr666

5 years ago#40
Nasus loses stupidly hard to anyone that has the ability to be aggressive before level 4. Which is a lot of champs.
League of Legends IGN: JOEYballsGOTTI
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