Darius or Hecarim

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User Info: Little Zardar

Little Zardar
5 years ago#1
sitting on 6300 ip at the moment and deciding between these two
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User Info: Dark_Oni12398

5 years ago#2
hecarim is a fun jungle but is a bit gimped until they get rid of the stupid lower minion damage on his q and fix the flash glitch on his e

Darius is a great top pubstomp champ but might get nerfed because bads don't know how to handle him.
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User Info: alcaPWNED212

5 years ago#3
I have both and I love both. I think Darius gets kind of boring after a while so I reccommended hecarim, who is currently my favorite champion. Hec is a severely underestimated jungler and has great teamfight presence. He is a great pusher and great at split pushing and I personally think he is just overall cooler.

My last game of the night yesterday I was jungling Hec and my team was doing terrible. By 15 minutes they had a 7/1 varus and a 5/0 kassadin while our mid swain was 0/5. I ended up going 16/4/13 and carrying us to victory with the help of our malphite. THANK YOU GHOST PONY
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User Info: Dark_Dc

5 years ago#4
Hecarim is fun to play but also kind of odd. You feel tanky cause you're a giant horse but you aren't. And if you build that way you usually do 0 dmg. Still fun and great ganks.

Darius is a good go to for a win because he stomps pretty hard. VS good players you'll only really be able to farm, but usually you can deny. Easy to go like 5+ 0 in lane, snowballs hard, but watch you don't use your ult to take kills from your team. Like if all of you are on one guy, damage him then find another target or something to do cause there's no benefit of ulting this definitely dead guy.

Save it for teamfights and duels

boots dorans/wriggles (depends on lane/what you need) phage (into triforce or FM) hexdrinker (into maw) maybe a ghost blade or BT in there. Then defense if you need it.
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User Info: ritz2

5 years ago#5
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