Seriously? Phreak maxes W before E with Ezreal?

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  3. Seriously? Phreak maxes W before E with Ezreal?

User Info: ManoktheChicken

5 years ago#1
Anyone else do this?

I'm not really an Ez expert, but when playing AD I don't really get W and instead just max E after Q.
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User Info: Edge4o7_

5 years ago#2
According to Balls maxing W first is the bees knees now.
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User Info: ZallKlos

5 years ago#3
W allows Ezreal to win most lane fights and can't be blocked.
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User Info: Wyrmcraft

5 years ago#4
I max E before W

Unless I'm AP, then I max it after
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User Info: GuilmonDX

5 years ago#5
I max E for shooter cooldowns on your escape.
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User Info: Lone_Inferno

5 years ago#6
As long as youre not maxing Q first.
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User Info: Voidgolem

5 years ago#7
Q > W > E unless you need to reposition a lot, as that yields highest damage output. W before Q if you can't ever get a clear shot (but then Q since more spam = Nifty CDR)

if you need to reposition a lot you're probably doing something wrong.
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User Info: SnackMachine

5 years ago#8
People max W in heavy harass lanes for two reasons:

It ignores minions


40% slow on the enemy carry allows you to come out of trades on top.

User Info: SoulknightX0

5 years ago#9
E is for lowering the CD on escapes. W for dueling carries.

User Info: Mogu_Mogu

5 years ago#10
W damage scales up well with leveling it.
Passes through minions.
And when you land it first in engagement on the enemy carry at bottom it gives you an instant advantage, if you land it on both support and carry, even better, land it on your support, their support, and ad carry, even bestest.

The worst thing about it is the mp cost as you level it up. Fire it 3-4 times and you're oom, hardcore. Won't even have mp to unleash your E+ignite+auto+W+auto+Q+auto combo.
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  3. Seriously? Phreak maxes W before E with Ezreal?

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