AP Jayce, king of trolls

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User Info: Stalky24

5 years ago#1
How many abilities does Jayce have, that do magic damage? 2
How many of them scale with AP? 1

Thats right. We're gonna build Jayce around 1 AP skill.
In Hammermode, you get 90+0,25 AP AoE aura. With maxed CDR, you can have it out 90% of time.
To compare, Singed trail, which is more difficult to hit, does 70+0.3 AP.

Slowpool gets replaced by jump-slow Q and fling gets replaced by 20% HP stun/knock.

What are our item goals? Max CDR, AP tanky items and Sunfire Cape. Or besides CDR basicly anything you would build on Singed.

To help us max CDR, Id propose getting cdr or cdr-per-level runes and get 25% cdr from runes and masteries and finish it simply by boots so we dont need to worry about it too much.

User Info: XcaIIion

5 years ago#2
or you could build ad on him instead
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User Info: Little Zardar

Little Zardar
5 years ago#3
wow great guide 10/10 subscribed
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User Info: sony_destroyer

5 years ago#4
You should put this on Mobafire. It'll easily be the best guide on there.
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User Info: pabIito

5 years ago#5
i think you're forgetting the part where singed has an ability with 100% ap scaling, and the poison is up 100% of the time, and does it's "full damage" the minute someone get's touched by it.

but yeah dude this is a pretty good strategy just like ap udyr


5 years ago#6
you should really elobrate or people will not

User Info: Stalky24

5 years ago#7
So I did 2 classic games and 4 dominion games (got bored by classic :P) so I'll have picture of last 6 games results. 6:0 win/loss ratio with AP Jayce build, all with decent scores, besides one experimental game with rushing DFG instead of CDR boots.


My max order is W>E>R>Q (yes, R after W and E). I rarely leave melee mode, usually just for speed boost/speed gate.

high W with even little AP clears waves so so fast. And you dont have to jump around like a moron, like Singed has to.

CORE items: CDR Boots, Sunfire Cape, Abyssal Scepter
Followups, pick 2: Rylai, Deathcap, GA, Zhonya, Gunblade (hey, we got AD skills, 5 of them actually :P), Frozen Mallet (since W is also in front of you)

User Info: Rioushu

5 years ago#8
Max CDR AP Jayce legit. Otherwise...

User Info: Stalky24

5 years ago#9
Ok, guys, I threw in early Sheen and later build it into Lichbane. This stuff is legit. Im outperforming opposing AD Jayces hard. Or maybe all Jayces I faced sucked.
Another new thing I am trying is Sorc shoes and Frozen Heart to hit CDR cap. But I am missing the Sunfire Cape damage a little...
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