Sorry if old but stealth remake info

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User Info: shadyelf

5 years ago#1

Coming next patch (on PBE)

User Info: iddZk33p

5 years ago#2
news to me, thanks

User Info: BowtotheTWIG

5 years ago#3
Hasn't been posted yet that I've seen, thanks for sharing
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User Info: The_Knight_Lite

5 years ago#4
It's sNEWing in here....

Though next patch is probably extremely optimistic. Granted, who knows when that will be...
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User Info: MMG_

5 years ago#5
Didnt know its on the next patch.
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User Info: shadow99226

5 years ago#6
"Today, we consistently see over 70% of champions picked in tournaments..."

I laughed

Edit: Pumped about the Twitch changes though. He's one of my favorite champs. I wonder if he will still be able to jungle?

User Info: DemaciaRookie

5 years ago#7
This is a marvelous and glorious day for Evelynn players! I'm going to miss having her to myself T^T
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User Info: ohnoitslueshi

5 years ago#8
Hot damn.
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User Info: nonty96zie

5 years ago#9
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User Info: Fluffy_Bear

5 years ago#10
Eve’s new stealth

Eve’s passive is now Shadow Walk. From Level 1, Evelynn is stealthed, meaning she can only be seen by enemy champions within a relatively short range of her, or when she passes through true sight (e.g., Vision Wards). She becomes unstealthed whenever she enters combat and reenters stealth after a brief cooldown once out of combat.

That means Evelynn is still hard to pinpoint in terms of map position, and she retains the feel of roaming around and scouting out areas for her team. Her new ring of visibility also introduces some interesting gameplay opportunities for great Evelynn players. Through careful attention, Eve can strategically juke around enemies, carefully set up surprise engagements, and unlock all sorts of new options that will reward player skill.

However, opponents now have a small window of opportunity to react, since she becomes visible before she’s directly on top of them (rather, she’ll be closing in on them at the time of detection).

Eve’s new kit

Since Eve’s now slightly more detectable at close range, we’ve been able to give her a much more robust kit:

We’ve enhanced Eve’s mobility: instead of just having a movement speed steroid on a long-cooldown ult, one of Eve’s new base abilities passively grants her stacking movement speed on spell hits, as well as an active sprint on a short cooldown. These effects can stack.
Hate Spike is getting a significantly longer range and the ability to hit more targets.
Eve’s getting a new ultimate -- a ranged AoE that damages and slows enemies while granting her some increased durability based on how successful she is at landing it.


All in all, these changes make Evelynn a much more viable, flexible pick. She’s still a strong duelist and ganker thanks to her stealthy nature, enhanced mobility and high damage output. These new changes also give her some much-needed team fight presence.

We’ll be putting Eve up on the PBE for final testing and QA in the next content patch – look forward to her full kit details and feel free to give her some hands-on testing at that time.

Twitch’s new stealth

We wanted to buff Twitch’s poison gameplay across the board, but in order to accomplish this we needed to address how Twitch used stealth. Because of the inherent advantages that long-term stealth brings, we haven’t been able to adequately buff the rest of Twitch’s abilities. This was impacting his competitive viability. The more we looked at Twitch’s kit and where we wanted him to end up, the more we realized that making Ambush a short-term, tactical tool would enable us to realize his envisioned potential.

Twitch’s new kit

Because Ambush’s stealth now has a short duration, we have some breathing room to buff Twitch in other departments:

Expunge now scales well into late-game, which includes getting additional damage from your bonus Attack Damage. It also now scales off of both AP and AD.
Spray and Pray is no longer about melting entire teams via AoE – it’s now more important as a tool for strategically stacking poisons.
We’ve remade Debilitating Poison into a new ability called Venom Cask, which now further contributes to his venom-stacking gameplay
His base stats are getting buffed.
Twitch is also getting some quality of life improvements, which include making his attack animation snappier.


Twitch is going to be in a much better spot at all levels of competition with his new abilities and focus. His core gameplay is getting some much-needed love, and his new Ambush feels great.

Stay tuned for full details on Twitch’s kit – he’s going up on the PBE for final testing and QA in the next content patch, and we’ll have some news on the front page detailing his full kit at that time.
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