Shen Item Build tips?

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User Info: minhoq

5 years ago#1
Hello all, I'd like some advice on building Shen. I understand that he's usually permabanned, but in the instances he is not banned, I usually manage to play him top or jungle (I'm primarily a jungler, but I'm playing top more and more). Usually I start boots+3 pot regardless of the lane matchup, sometimes cloth+5 if I'm against someone insanely early game aggressive, such as Riven or Olaf in some cases. My issue is what to build into for mid/late game. Usually I go something like heart of gold, first component of wits end, level 2 boots somewhere in there, get a giant's belt, finish wits end and randuins, finish warmogs, building situationally if I'm winning or losing my lane. Does that seem correct?
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User Info: Slayn

5 years ago#2
Sounds good to me. He likes HP first of all and then some attack speed, generally wits end is good. Personally I like a phage, you taunt in to them and keep them snared. I have heard some people go Rylai's to slow with Q to catch up. I guess either works. Usually:

Wit's End
Situational Defensive Item ( FON, Aegis works if not on support, BV, etc )


Offensive Item ( Atmas, Ionic Spark for splitpushing Shen! )

User Info: RushMkIII

5 years ago#3
If you're jungling I would rush the Wits before GB simply for clear times. It's an extremely strong item on Shen(and basically everyone, lol).
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User Info: Ravens_27

5 years ago#4
I usually jungle with him and go:
Upgrade to boots of mobility/Merc treads
Wits End
Sunfire Cape
Upgrade randuins
Situational defence- Mogs/FoN/FH
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User Info: rndmguitarist

5 years ago#5
Merc treads then build 5 giants belts. Upgrade the belts into warmogs as time allows.
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