is Hecarim or Shen any good??

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User Info: Dark_Oni12398

5 years ago#11
A good shen can coordinate with his team and turn around allot of situations. What your about to win a duel in your lane...have fun with you now being taunted in a 2v1. What your safe behind your turret...wait a minute why is their carry diving and where did that giant shield come from?

Hecarim is good but a strange glitch on his E when the enemy flashes and the minion damage nerf on his Q prevent him from being in the top tier....his early level ganks are terrifying though....he comes so fast that wards don't matter and deals 1/3 of your health while pushing you back.
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User Info: _Yag_

5 years ago#12
mistrfantasy posted...
_Yag_ posted...
Shen isn't OP. he's really strong but not broken in any way. he can be countered in lane just like any other strong champ with the right counter pick, in jungle he can be shut down for the entire game if you can deny him early game farm/ganks since he actually needs a pretty good amount of gold before he can start being really effective.

honestly ppl just QQ because of his global and the fact that he crushes alot of the current meta top lane favorites.

hecarim is slightly UP compared to other junglers so noone plays him...he's not really terrible though.

You obviously have no idea what you're talking about. Shen is actually pretty bad in lane. He's really sturdy and has good sustain but he can be bullied by some of the more common tops. The reason why he is banned is his ult gives his team the unique ability to split push, basically making any game a 5v6. If you send some1 up to stop his push, he can just teleport to the rest of the team and and make it a 5v4. He instantly turns any even fight into his team's favor b/c of that ult.

you're obviously bad with shen or you wouldnt be getting bullied out of lane so much like a nub.
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User Info: Iamthekuzalol

5 years ago#13
Shen is almost permabanned nowadays, while Hecarim is underrated but quite good.

User Info: Slayn

5 years ago#14
I went support Shen, too stronk. Triple gp10.


5 years ago#15
Hecarum is amazing. He's really fun and great at tower diving.
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