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User Info: mrg59

4 years ago#1
ADCs I pretty much only play Ashe and Graves, with a few random Dravens for fun. I played around with my runes a bit for my ADC and I settled on my base page as:

Flat armor yellows
Mr/lvl blues
Flat AD quints

Now, for graves I almost always use my page with the above, plus flat ad reds. That's been my base page for a long time now, but I was thinking changing it up might be better for mid and late game, at a small early game sacrifice.

What I wanted to try is the same above page, but with crit dmg reds on Ashe. this gives you 20% crit dmg, but only 7 AD. I don't have all the math worked out but I was wondering if someone else had tried this. I just figured that an extra 20% crit dmg would increase my dps by more than a measly 8 AD post-IE.

Anyone know whether this is worth it or not? I specifically say for ashe, because she actually has the ability to crit before IE, and it's easy to utilize (100% after every b, and luck based on others).

User Info: GrAyFoX312k

4 years ago#2
I have a friend who swears by his full crit damage page on ez. He says you hit like a wet noodle early game and your number one priority is rushing ie. Ez can farm safer than ashe though and he needs saraka support to keep his mana and hp healthy. It might work for ashe because of her passjve but after the first shot its not going to matter much.
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User Info: Slayn

4 years ago#3
Flat AD makes it easier to last hit, plus gives you a better early game, which helps you snowball. I run the same page on all my ADC and Riven.

User Info: NormalCat

4 years ago#4
TC - You've got it right already, flat AD is the best red choice by a long way.

User Info: RockchosN1

4 years ago#5
youll have to play very passively as every other ad with ad marks should be able to outtrade you even more now. its pretty risky because you may never even reach the stage that they'll start to be useful.

if you have 55% crit (IE+PD), your DPS will be:

.45+.55(2.5) = 1.825(AD*AS) (no crit damage marks)
.45+.55(2.7) = 1.935(AD*AS) (with 20% crit damage marks)

This amounts to only about a 6% increase in damage late game. (even less considering the AD you're missing out from the marks)

Doesn't seem worth it to me. Your early game will really suffer for a minimal advantage far late game.

User Info: Gamesmaster100

4 years ago#6
Aren't armor pen reds the alternative to flat ad reds? Flat ad for better last hits and armor pen for better harass?

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