Champs who best represent their factions?

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User Info: GuitarHero171

5 years ago#1
Like, if I were to name Demacia, or Noxus, or Bandle city; which champion would you think of first? For me it goes something like this.
-Demacia: Jarvan IV: He's the crown prince, not to mention the way he shouts DEMACIA is easily the best.
-Noxus: Talon: The guy is violent, his entire kit just screams "assassin", and his garb is very representative of the Noxian way of life: in the shadows.
-Ionia: Irelia: no specific reasoning for this one. She's just the first Ionian champ I learned about.
-Piltover: Caitlyn: she's their law enforcement.
-Zaun: Mundo: the guy's a complete abomination of science that people question the humanity of. They have a lot of that in that city.
-Bandle city: Corki: The guy is a testament to the fact that Yordles can kick ass too.
-Rakkor: Pantheon: a warrior in his truest form.
- Freljord: Tryndamere: The guy looks right at home in all that snow.
- Void: Kog'maw: He eats... Everything
- Shadow Isles: Yorick: his voice just sounds so epic and ominous
- Shurima Desert: Nasus: He looks like the Egyptian deity Anubis
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User Info: Ulala Rules

Ulala Rules
5 years ago#2
Bandle City should be Rumble.

He's small like the rest of his race and are prone to bullying, but rises above others through mechanical ingenuity.

User Info: CBrate

5 years ago#3
Ionia = Ninjas.
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