How Popular is Sion?

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User Info: TheSteelPhoenix

4 years ago#21
Also this guy said in another topic something that applies here too.

"Most people just sit back and theorycraft the perfect game/composition where they always win when they actually don't play at that level and the level of play they theorize about doesn't really exist as it does in their delusions."

So pretty much that why you don't see a lot of Sion.
It's easier to fantasize because of the team game aspect. Just blame the jungler and keep playing the way you were.

User Info: Slayn

4 years ago#22
AD sion is a one trick pony.

AP sion is a no trick pony.

User Info: pr0adam

4 years ago#23
TheSteelPhoenix posted...
What does kited mean? I have never once seen any melee kited. It is called staying with your group.

Also what magical map are people playing on where they just have infinite space to attack and run?

Lastly, has anyone heard of flash,ghost, exhaust, red buff, frozen mallet, gunblade, anyone? All ways to slow someone.

Yes but some champs like lee sin can chase much longer and are very difficult to get kited because of his whole skillset allows him to chase. And you dont always have ghost/exhaust/flash/red up. Mallet is good on sion but if you build it first you sacrifice attack speed and crit which he needs to do damage just so you dont get chased.
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User Info: Ep1c_Win

4 years ago#24
Snacks23 posted...
I recently picked him up and he's really fun

How the hell do you find one of the most boring champions in league fun?
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User Info: Blocktopus

4 years ago#25
Ep1c_Win posted...
Snacks23 posted...
I recently picked him up and he's really fun

How the hell do you find one of the most boring champions in league fun?

Isn't fun subjective?

Isn't it?

Be gone, evil forces, my soul is mine and I am alive!

User Info: Rookie_Jet

4 years ago#26
Snacks23 posted...
Rookie_Jet posted...
Some are significantly harder to kite though like Irelia, Fiora, Yi, even Trynd. Sion's stun has a really long CD which makes kiting easier on him than others. Think of a Teemo with FM trying to kite each of them. Which of them would be the most difficult and which would be the easiest? I agree that in general, all melees will have that issue though.

The thing about kiting though is that there are certain situations where being kited means you are an idiot and you shouldn't be in that situation.

If you are trying to 1 v 1 a Teemo that you know has Frozen Mallet, you are an idiot. If you're in a teamfight situation, why are you going after the Teemo? If he's focusing you specifically in the teamfight though, he's not slowing your carry, who should be doing work on Teemo's team(o), and you are doing your job as a meatshield (considering you are literally farming health with your E, your ult gives you 100% lifesteal and heals your allies with each attack, and you have a shield).

Also I think your assessment is BS, in that champs like Teemo with a Frozen Mallet or Ashe with a lot of mana and a PD can kite pretty much whoever they want and that Sion isn't more vulnerable to the tactic than anyone else would be.

Haha, team(o)...
I disagree with that last part though. I'm sorry you think my assessment is BS, but I argue that Sion is significantly more vulnerable to that tactic than say Jax who has a 4-5 sec gap closer (with really good range actually), a stun that dodges for 2 sec prior (avoiding the slow) a with a base MS of 325. I'd say Jax is the least kitable melee ad, but I would also argue that Fiora isn't dramatically far behind Jax.
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