Is Nunu decent?

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User Info: UnderwaterAir

5 years ago#31
Nunu top:
Can be bruiser type. He can initiate ganks for his jungler with ice ball and then bloodboil them too for easier chasing. He speeds himself up to avoid ganks and has built in POSSIBLY FREE sustain. He's no slouch at dragon or baron thanks to consume and he never falls off because ADC doesn't fall off and he can bloodboil the ADC. If the job of a bruiser is to attack, initiate, peel, and not be ignored, Nunu is great at it. He has his autos, his ice ball can be used to initiate or defend his carries by slowing enemies chasing them, and in the midst of a team fight he as his ult which cannot be ignored. It's pretty much a mini Amumu ult and we all know how game changing that can be.

Nunu mid:
Now you give him the chance to go AP which really means he's going to be annoying with his iceball and ult. They will simply HURT to no end. He can also of course, build tanky support items with an AP item or two. Still does great because he can bloodboil and do all the other things mentioned above in a team fight.

Nunu jungle:
His consume gives him great counter jungling opportunities and his kit makes it so it's very hard to beat him in the jungle unless you're jungling Darius or someone like that. His ganks are on par with Udyr ganks thanks to bloodboiling the ally he goes to gank for and iceballing the enemy champion. If you run exhaust + smite on him then his exhaust makes it that much more annoying to deal with. Especially in a team fight also. He now has double exhaust thanks to exhaust and iceball. OP is OP.

Nunu support:
Consume gives his team that much better level of dragon control. His bloodboil and iceball means your bottom lane will never be able to trade with his bottom lane in a fight of autos. And he can abuse the bush to great effect thanks to his ult. Better have the bushes warded OR never go near them at all. If they manage to draw you in there it's pretty much a guaranteed double kill. His jungler is ganking? How many other supports are able to run right in before the jungler gets there, press his ult, and then receive a double kill? Janna and Sona are the only other two who can work like that. But neither of them can keep the ADC as relevant as bloodboil can and neither can offer the improved dragon control with consume.


He's a great champ. I wish I had opportunity to play him more but I would only use him as support and most of the time it's not Kog'maw or Vayne so I don't see a point to using him over someone like Sona, Soraka, Taric, Janna, etc. Alistar permabanned so I won't mention him here. =_=
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User Info: BlazeRunner

5 years ago#32
Ok thanks everyone for tons of good Nunu info.
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User Info: POkemon_PoWeR

5 years ago#33
Passive OP
Free Smite
Free PD
Free Frozen Mallet
AOE nuke and slow

Yeah he's OP
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