All the champs E ability is now global

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User Info: HyperTailsMan

5 years ago#61
Gotta go with Karthus on this one.
Just call me HTM

User Info: UnderwaterAir

5 years ago#62
Kayle smacks you dead from her base every 12 seconds. gg
No matter which way you slice it you'll both be ending up in Hell!

User Info: shadeaux

5 years ago#63
Skarner still doesn't level it until he has to.
Even a blind monkey finds an acorn

User Info: CORNBRE4D

5 years ago#64
Kha Leap would be so fun - XBOX LIVE: it is Cornbread

User Info: themagicpainman

5 years ago#65
Karthus sits in the fountain and wins.
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User Info: omega bahumat

omega bahumat
5 years ago#66
karthus and darius and singed

also sion

User Info: Soldier3rdClass

5 years ago#67
Singed stands in his fountain and wins.
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