Which champions are the bane of your existance?

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User Info: Theivey3

5 years ago#31

User Info: Smishhh

5 years ago#32
I'm too low level still to have run into anyone who knows how to play Jayce, there were a couple a while back when the smurfs were still around but none in the 20s.

Teemo is number one. Allied Teemos suck, enemy Teemos have a million attack speed and a shroom in every single bush on the map 3 minutes after he gets it. He can run into enemy territory alone and still manage to run away with his life after taking out a turret no problem.

Also Ezreal, he can do far too much damage for how safe his poking is. Either their range and speed or damage need to be calmed down a bit.

I actually don't have a problem fighting Blitzcrank, most people are terrible with him. So I just run straight for them before they can even grab if they aren't right by a turret or with their entire team. Or just wait for him to waste the grab, they usually telegraph it pretty hard,

User Info: Unbridled9

5 years ago#33
Before I switched to Poppy, Blitzcrank was a pain for constantly pulling and killing/almost killing me in as Lux without a chance to fight back.

After switching to Poppy, Wu Kong for being the most damned annoying monkey around! Garen can be annoying too thanks to his top-ness, but isn't too bad.
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User Info: Dark Vaporeon

Dark Vaporeon
5 years ago#34

Cuz being able to do 3K+ damage to a rammus at level 16 is considerd not OP.
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User Info: TheIceRaptor

5 years ago#35
mantana888 posted...
Atropos. His early game is so good..

Level 4 Brain sap hurts. like a *****
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User Info: Lord_Woobie

5 years ago#36
Kat because she's freakin' impossible to gank and always seems to pick the right time to shunp + ult into team fights to get at least a Triple Kill.

Teemo because Teemo.

Rammus and Hecarim because they're so fast.
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User Info: Skyz

5 years ago#37
Amumu. Every ranked game he's there. And I always lose. If he's not I win. You'd think I knew how to play against him by now. He's just too good in teamfights even if he's horribly behind. And the fact that he's a GP5 Jungler makes taking his jungle less effective. Killed him at red. Killed him at wolves. Took his 2nd blue and red and his ultimate still won teamfights even when he died right after. Just too effective and I really hate that the ADC can't attack him without being in range of the ult.
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User Info: TwoForTragedy

5 years ago#38

User Info: T3h_4rb1t0r

5 years ago#39
teemo and a good nidalee for top
mid is ahri
and bot lane a really good sona will ^#&# me up
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User Info: B01t

5 years ago#40
top lane yorick (ofc), and jungle nautilus.
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