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User Info: XcaIIion

5 years ago#431
that wickd play
Ahri is mai waifu
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User Info: Slayn

5 years ago#432
I don't see the point in banning Ez when you have Graves and Corki. Hell, they just went ahead and picked Caitlyn/Tristana anyway.

I would be perma banning Shen. His map presence is just waaaaay too powerful. Has anyone ever banned Jayce? I've seen him a ton.

User Info: G0dSlay3r

5 years ago#433
Irelia utterly wrecking Jayce top. 3/1/0 along with 160 CS currently.
That's pretty much a GG in favor of CLG.EU when you look at their team comp, Wicked will carry them in teamfights due to several factors.

Enemy Morgana can't stun the entire team, only 3 targets in absolutely perfect conditions(4 if she hits a binding on another target).
Shen has to focus-taunt on the diving (and now fed) Irelia, peeling her off of his team.
Nunu has Slow.
Their only hope in teamfights against a farmed Irelia is Jayce(who is currently being stomped by Irelia).
He'll have to save his Hammer form Q and E to be able to peel her off of her targets, since knocks are the only thing effective against Irelia, with her passive and all.

User Info: EliteGuard99

5 years ago#434
I am surprised by the lack of Blitzcrank's today...........
"I like my weapons how I like my music, HEAVY and METAL! - Mordekaiser

User Info: Price_Of_Fame

5 years ago#435
wickd gurl
GT: token lunatic

User Info: link0099

5 years ago#436
that shen is borderline useless

User Info: VeeVees

5 years ago#437
froggen 13 cs/min so op
Rudy sucks

User Info: TomorrowDog

5 years ago#438
If we ever see it, that Karthus damage going to be nasty.
"Happiness is nature's way of telling human resources you're overpaid." - Catbert

User Info: VeeVees

5 years ago#439
Rudy sucks

User Info: LiBe____BCNOFNe

5 years ago#440

dfg on karthus

do fjdk lolLOLOL
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