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User Info: hockeydude15

5 years ago#61
have they said what the tie breaking measures are if 3 teams are tied for the last spot?

User Info: Slayn

5 years ago#62
Dat Baron, bro...

User Info: samuricex

5 years ago#63
Pretty obvious what needs to be nerfed next... the Asians.
"Think you're a dragon slayer? Come here and try." -Shyvana

User Info: AdelbertSteiner

5 years ago#64
Jax OP, nerf Irelia pls
Your home wrecking skills are remarkable! - josay25936

User Info: Fire_Away

5 years ago#65
Ironsoul posted...
So if CLG loses they are not advancing? :(

Let's hope so
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User Info: POkemon_PoWeR

5 years ago#66
Hotshot is stupid useless.
I'm the best player here. The rest of you aren't as good as me-ninja1357
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User Info: VeeVees

5 years ago#67
owning with singed, owning with jax
Rudy sucks

User Info: Drewdadruid

5 years ago#68
Hotshot doesn't even have boots 2 IGN: DrewDaDruid

User Info: DuDuDu10101

5 years ago#69
k, guy /surrender on 20
*slaps TC with a raw chicken*
This will continue until you make proper gamefaqs messages.

User Info: bigweese13

5 years ago#70
Anyone know which teams are which for the "bye" teams? I know who the teams are, I am just wondering if anyone knows which teams represents each letter.
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