Didn't get to watch tsm series, was it as embarassing as the other na teams?

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  3. Didn't get to watch tsm series, was it as embarassing as the other na teams?

User Info: DrPrimemaster

5 years ago#1
Or did tsm put up a decent fight?

User Info: Milleykins

5 years ago#2
TSM was strong today.
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User Info: Camel-Rider

5 years ago#3
1. Good strategy
2. mediocre execution.
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User Info: shadyelf

5 years ago#4
I only watched the second game but TSM started off really well, had first blood, tower, dragon in like 7 minutes. Then as the game went they just started falling apart.

User Info: VeeVees

5 years ago#5
they are no dig if that makes you feel better. they went for korean quick push strat but didn't follow through after getting the early advantage and fell back to farm.
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User Info: i_am_AcTive

5 years ago#6
They took the early lead game 2, but went back to the NA passive play which lost them the game.
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User Info: TomorrowDog

5 years ago#7
It wasn't a total stomp.

The first game they were kind of screwed against a poke team without good initation, but they were able to get several good kills by Karthus flash+walling somebody and Darius pulling them in to be picked off.

The second game they got an excellent early lead with good use of Blitzcrank. Their form looked great for a little while but then they fell apart as the laning stage was near the end. Dyrus facechecked right in to a Skarner gank. Chaox was way overextended alone without wards, standing in a bush right on top of an enemy ward. And then they totally failed a teamfight that they initiated.
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User Info: Slayn

5 years ago#8
Best NA team. Wasn't enough to win, but they put up a good fight. Wasn't too many of those "WTF!?" moments, like... all of Dignitas games.

User Info: G0dSlay3r

5 years ago#9
Camel-Rider posted...
1. Good strategy
2. mediocre execution.

Good execution, great teamfights when they could initiate them.
Poor strategy.

And by strategy fails:

In the first match, Dyrus counterpicked himself into going top Darius vs Jayce in the first match and not having ANY hard-initiation champs, so AF's AoE mobility poke comp stomped them.
AF had Lux, pure AD stacking Jayce with Mana Manipulator, Miss Fortune, with Blitz and Maokai both having Boots of Mobility.
Having Miss Fortune as their AD carry punished TSM HARD since AF took down several towers and an inhibitor while TSM was busy doing Baron.

In the second match, TSM dominated AF early by taking Skarner's blue buff, defending their own blue buff and getting 2 kills off of that defense, taking down top tower around 8 minutes or so and taking Dragon a minute after that.
TSM could have pushed objectives easily since AF had a pretty weak early-game comp centered around Vlad as their AP mid and Skarner as their jungler.
Instead, TSM reverted to standard NA passive farm play after that dragon and AF caught back up through ganks and catching TSM members out of position.
Dyrus instalocked Jayce that match, but Shy took Irelia and just wrecked him after lane swaping back to him.

User Info: Skyz

5 years ago#10
Vision destroyed them the second game whereas picking Darius into Jayce destroyed them the first game. Skarner also completely wrecked them the second game. From the moment he turned level 6 he got a kill each and every time. And then they engaged on a troll pooling Vlad who hemo'ed flashed away while Jayce who dived onto him was pulled by Skarner and instantly killed.

Dyrus was completely shut down the second game getting grabbed by Skarner every fight and dying instantly. You just can't win a 4v5. It came down to top lanes and I just wish Dyrus would have gotten a Guardian's Angel earlier since he was getting focused so hard. But what can you really do against a Skarner.
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