I need suggestions for either a Support, or a Jungler

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User Info: Penakoto

5 years ago#1
Basically, I have 14 champions, saving up for one right now, then after that I'm not sure who to get.

Right now, I have 4 top laners, 4 mids, 4 ADCs, 3 Junglers and 3 Support. Figured I'd get either a Jungler or Support to give either more variety.

What I've got already in each role is...

Jungler: Sejunai, Diana and Nautilus
Support: Soraka, Lulu and Nautius (again)

For a Jungler I'm looking for something AD based, not a tank or AP based champion, and for a support, I'd like someone who's good for aggressive laning, stuns and attack damage/speed buffs and stuff like that.

A few champions I have my eye on currently...

Evelynn I played awhile ago and thought she was alright
Darius I tried Top with but never Jungled with him (seen others do it though
Gangplank was my first attempt at jungling and I heard he could support too (any truth to that?)
Leona looks like a fun support and I heard they were thinking of making her jungle viable maybe
Shyvana looks like a fun jungler, but I'm worried she's more of a tank than a damage dealer
Khaz'ix looks interesting, but I heard people say his jungle wasn't so good?

Any thoughts? Yeah, I know, by gamefaqs standards this is a big wall of text.
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User Info: LiBe____BCNOFNe

5 years ago#2
do fjdk lolLOLOL

User Info: qqaaxx

5 years ago#3
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User Info: Voidgolem

5 years ago#4
Volibear fits both roles.

Though he is admittedly a better support than a jungler.
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User Info: eaglei3

5 years ago#5
If you are looking for more of an AD based jungler: Nocturne or Lee Sin (Could look into Xin Zhao as well.)

For aggressive supports: Leona, Taric, or Sona would be my recommendations.
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User Info: Shiny_Pidgey

5 years ago#6
For jungle, try Riven or Jax, and for support, go with Leona.

User Info: hellraiser121

5 years ago#7
Nunu is great in both the jungle and support and he is only 450 IP

If IP is not an issue I would say Skarner for jungle because he can literally force feed his lanes and his perma slow is nice for chasing

EDIT: Also Eve is FoM because she can push her lanes in letting her roam which is one of her strengths. Build DFG on her and it is basically an instakill
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User Info: Penakoto

5 years ago#8
Maokai I see so rarely, I'd definitely need to try him out first. I like his design though.

Volibear I tried out as a support not too long ago, didn't really work and I'm not a fan of his abilities in general.

Nocturne I never thought about getting, but I do like his Ultimate a whole lot, and if he fits my need for an AD champion he'd be a good buy. I'm hoping he gets to be free to play sometime so I can try him out.

Lee Sin I don't really like the look of, fighting wise, and he seems like a champion everyone expects to tank.

Tried Xin Zhao, I am a bad Xin Zhao.

Leona as I said I really like, really if the 'gonna make her jungle viable' thing ended up being true I'd get her no question.

Taric, I didn't like at all when I tried him out.

Sona I tried out awhile ago, I never really did all that well with her but I expect that was because I did it blind without a guide or anything telling me how to play her. I'm tempted at least, and I do love that Arcade skin.

Riven was a champion I was going to buy awhile ago, but just before I did she became free-to-play, and I ended up not really liking her, though this was as a top laner not as a jungler.
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User Info: Penakoto

5 years ago#9
Skarner is another champion I never considered before today, but just before making this thread the enemy Skarner pretty much won the whole thing by himself, it was amazing. I'm definitely interested if he can be played as an AD jungler.
PSN and Steam - Penguingod777

User Info: Blarg92

5 years ago#10
Nobody's mentioned Alistar yet?
1. He's free.
2. He fills both of the roles you mentioned (when he's not banned).
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