I feel sorry for the audience

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User Info: StickyJumper

5 years ago#41
Whoever at Riot decided that they needed to have the OFFLINE championships played ONLINE is gonna get fired.

User Info: DuDuDu10101

5 years ago#42
Punjoke posted...
DuDuDu10101 posted...
hellraiser121 posted...
DuDuDu10101 posted...
hellraiser121 posted...
They came out, showed support for LoL, and they end up only watching two quality games. I mean for us watching at home this is no big deal, but some of these people came from around the country and they are the ones that end up getting screwed. I know that the connections aren't totally Riot's fault, but they should have prepared for something like this. This isn't the first time that this happened (for example the Summer Classic with TSM vs Azubu Blaze) and should have thus prepared for such a problem.

I'm sorry Riot, but you totally screwed over the people who came out to support you

riot owns internet bandwidth i see


I'm not a computer or internet expert, but are you telling me that they absolutely did everything possible to prepare for a problem such as this?

totally an act of god issue here, it's like you prepare a surprise birthday event, and suddenly the power went out... did you prepare a diesel generator to keep it going?

Well... I mean, I work in the entertainment industry, and yeah, having an on-site generator is actually considered pretty standard. If Riot didn't have a contingency plan for their event, then yes it is their fault.

then do inform riot how they can have backup internet

but as someone has mentioned, a lolrecorder type save that would save state a moment incase it crashes and maybe wind back a few minutes for a restart instead of a full 50min scrim
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User Info: New_Pants

5 years ago#43
^I was wondering if the same thing would be possible. "Save State" is the perfect description of what would be needed in these tournaments. If they can pause the game, then by god they can do a save state.
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User Info: Punjoke

5 years ago#44
DuDuDu10101 posted...
then do inform riot how they can have backup internet

You mean LAN mode? The thing that people have been 'informing them' they should have since the game came out a few years ago?
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