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QWER, 3 or 4 fingers?

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User Info: JaggiJumper

5 years ago#1
How many fingers do you use to press QWER - Results (653 votes)
67.69% (442 votes)
32.31% (211 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I have "little" finger on Q, ring on W, middle on E and index on R. I noticed my friends only use their ring, middle and index, and have them on QWE and shift their index between E and R.

I'm in the minority. What do you guys use (for reference I have pretty big hands, larger than average)
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User Info: Blazin_Twilight

5 years ago#2
I go for the three fingers - not much of a reason to hover on R unless you are Udyr/Nidalee/Jayce/etc.

User Info: Snacks23

5 years ago#3
My left hand is a hook so I can only keep 1 hook on a key at a time

User Info: Luigy2693

5 years ago#4
Ring finger for Q. Middle for W. Index for E AND R

User Info: mystermandragon

5 years ago#5
it depends on which champ im playing.
most champs have long cooldown ults that you will only use once in awhile so usually 3 fingers on QWE and then i will move my index finger to ult

when i play Kassadin or Corki I will play with 4 fingers after lvl 6
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User Info: Smishhh

5 years ago#6
I don't trust that no good pinky finger enough to give him a full time position. Also I prefer not to hover over R constantly just in case I get a bit trigger happy.

User Info: Dota2

5 years ago#7

cant believe im in the minority here

User Info: Voidgolem

5 years ago#8
three fingers unless I'm playing someone with a very spammy R.
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User Info: Ferd_Da_Bird

5 years ago#9
I always go 4. Feels like Starcraft to me, using as many fingers as I can. I find it's too much of a pain to switch e and r every time. I main noct as well, so forgetting to switch r to e when banking could mean a wasted ult.
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User Info: Elemental_Guard

5 years ago#10
From: Dota2 | #007

cant believe im in the minority here

me too
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