QWER, 3 or 4 fingers?

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User Info: JaggiJumper

5 years ago#11
Smishhh posted...
I don't trust that no good pinky finger enough to give him a full time position. Also I prefer not to hover over R constantly just in case I get a bit trigger happy.

My friend had a "never gonna give you up" macro set up, but forgot to press enter first. He was playing Riven lol.
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User Info: link0099

5 years ago#12
3, little finger on shift /alt/ ctrl
then q-w-e/r
thumb on space

User Info: TheSchref

5 years ago#13
I don't even know how many fingers I use. I'm 90% sure I only use 2 while playing. >.>

Index for my abilities and middle finger for my vent button, lol.

If I'm playing alone, then I only use 1.

User Info: 2Dhas_a_MIGRANE

5 years ago#14
I use 4 but I keep my index finger over F not R.
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User Info: refmon

5 years ago#15
How could anyone even fit 4 fingers
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User Info: shadyelf

5 years ago#16
Luigy2693 posted...
Ring finger for Q. Middle for W. Index for E AND R


I use shift+QWER to smartcast so I have my pinkie on shift.

User Info: jarjarbanks22

5 years ago#17
If you aren't using 5 fingers you're doing it wrong.

User Info: Xelltrix

5 years ago#18
From: Elemental_Guard | Posted: 10/7/2012 11:38:46 PM | #010
From: Dota2 | #007

cant believe im in the minority here

me too

This, wtf...
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User Info: Master Cilander

Master Cilander
5 years ago#19

It feels natural to me now although it took some getting used to.
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User Info: zeppelin312

5 years ago#20
people only use 3 fingers? 0.0
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