It feels good to Zhonya's a Darius ult.

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  3. It feels good to Zhonya's a Darius ult.

User Info: Eclipse008

5 years ago#1
What else feels good to Zhonya's?

User Info: IceMan_128

5 years ago#2
Karthus ult.
The problem here is, Darius bursts like Akali, takes damage like Nasus, and snowballs like Jesus Christ.
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User Info: GForceDragon

5 years ago#3
Karthus' Requiem.
Word on the street is that you have an opinion.
Now why on earth would you go and do something like that?

User Info: Biglabron

5 years ago#4
EZ true shot, i've also nocturne shielded an EZ snipe.
I don't always lose, but when I do it's purple sideu!!!

User Info: Zeidrich

5 years ago#5
Lux ult
You call it stacking, I call it skillful shuffling. You call it mexican lucksack, I call it hereditary superiority.

User Info: Eraser0627

5 years ago#6
also feels good when you cleanse away the hemmorage stacks and his ult does laughable dmg.
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User Info: g-cube_masta

5 years ago#7
last tick of ignite

I *** just a little bit in my pants every time.
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User Info: Forgettable

5 years ago#8
Riven ult

User Info: Price_Of_Fame

5 years ago#9
I forget I have a Zhonya's until after I die. so pro
GT: token lunatic

User Info: KeiHazuki99

5 years ago#10
Caitlyn Ult.
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  3. It feels good to Zhonya's a Darius ult.

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