Which champion skin is the best? Day 62: Pantheon

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User Info: ssupermario92

4 years ago#1
Which Pantheon skin is the best? - Results (164 votes)
3.05% (5 votes)
8.54% (14 votes)
10.98% (18 votes)
10.37% (17 votes)
Full Metal
45.73% (75 votes)
Glaive Warrior
21.34% (35 votes)
This poll is now closed.
What Pantheon skin do you think is the best?

Original: http://leaguepedia.com/images/6/63/Pantheon_Splash_0.jpg

Mymidon: http://leaguepedia.com/images/9/97/Pantheon_Splash_1.jpg

Ruthless: http://leaguepedia.com/images/2/23/Pantheon_Splash_2.jpg

Perseus: http://leaguepedia.com/images/f/fc/Pantheon_Splash_3.jpg

Full Metal: http://leaguepedia.com/images/c/ce/Pantheon_Splash_4.jpg

Glaive Warrior: http://leaguepedia.com/images/b/bf/Pantheon_Splash_5.jpg

Day 1: Foxfire Ahri (72 votes)
Day 2: Nurse Akali (75 votes)
Day 3: Infernal Alistar (56 votes)
Day 4: Sad Robot Amumu (48 votes)
Day 5: Bird of Prey Anivia (47 votes)
Day 6: Reverse Annie (73 votes)
Day 7: Amethyst Ashe (78 votes)
Day 8: Definitely Not Blitzcrank (129 votes)
Day 9: Cyrocore Brand (93 votes)
Day 10: Officer Caitlyn (58 votes)
Day 11: Mythic Cassiopeia (74 votes)
Day 12: Gentlemen Cho'Gath (138 votes)
Day 13: Urfrider Corki (96 votes)
Day 14: Classic Darius (109 votes)
Day 15: Classic Diana (70 votes)
Day 16: Corporate Mundo (102 votes)
Day 17: Soul Reaven Draaaven (72 votes)
Day 18: Tango Evelynn (70 votes)
Day 19: Pulsefire Ezreal (102 votes)
Day 20: Surprise Party Fiddlesticks (118 votes)
Day 21: Royal Guard Fiora (88 votes)
Day 22: Fisherman Fizz (89 votes)
Day 23: Gatekeeper Galio (119 votes)
Day 24: Special Forces Gangplank (90 votes)
Day 25: Rugged Garen (131 votes)
Day 26: Gragas, Esq. (76 votes)
Day 27: Mafia Graves (111 votes)
Day 28: Blood Knight Hecarim (56 votes)
Day 29: Snowmerdinger (62 votes)
Day 30: Frostblade Irelia (154 votes)
Day 31: Frost Queen Janna (92 votes)
Day 32: Darkforge Jarvan IV (56 votes)
Day 33: Jaximus (56 votes)
Day 34: Full Metal Samus (80 votes)
Day 35: Sakura Karma (44 votes)
Day 36: Grim Reaper Karthus (69 votes)
Day 37: Harbinger Kassadin (66 votes)
Day 38: Kitty Cat Katarina (62 votes)
Day 39: Judgement Kayle (67 votes)
Day 40: Kennen M.D. (81 votes)
Day 41: Mecha Kha'Zix (53 votes)
Day 42: Lion Dance Kog'Maw (56 votes)
Day 43: Mistletoe LeBlanc (97 votes)
Day 44: Dragon Fist Lee Sin (69 votes)
Day 45: Iron Solari Leona (80 votes)
Day 46: Wicked Lulu (69 votes)
Day 47: Spellthief Lux (55 votes)
Day 48: Glacial Malphite (103 votes)
Day 49: Overlord Malzahar (50 votes)
Day 50: Festive Maokai (92 votes)
Day 51: Headhunter Master Yi (51 votes)
Day 52: Mafia Miss Fortune (63 votes)
Day 53: Pentakill Mordekaiser (93 votes)
Day 54: Blackthorn Morgana (101 votes)
Day 55: Riot K-9 Nasus (34 votes)
Day 56: AstroNautilus (97 votes)
Day 57: Bewitching Nidalee (42 votes)
Day 58: Haunting Nocturne (43 votes)
Day 59: Nunu Bot (93 votes)
Day 60: Brolaf (54 votes)
Day 61: Bladecraft Orianna (79 votes)
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User Info: Dota2

4 years ago#2
God I wish there was a none option.

Full Metal is the best but...
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User Info: themagicpainman

4 years ago#3
I don't care if Myrmidon is a basic recolor, gold is cool.
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User Info: ShoMeYaMoves

4 years ago#4
Wow, how can people not say Perseus. Giving people the crit fork is the best.

User Info: Icecreamdunwich

4 years ago#5
The problem is his skins all look practically the same...

User Info: JaggiJumper

4 years ago#6
Dota2 posted...
God I wish there was a none option.

Full Metal is the best but...
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User Info: Maurith

4 years ago#7
Ruthless last?! Shame on you all!
See you in another life, brother.
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User Info: Naxochils

4 years ago#8
People not voting for golden MANTHEON. Shame.
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User Info: KeepItCivil

4 years ago#9
Full metal. Looks scary.
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User Info: SpinAsbel

4 years ago#10
Is Glaive seriously in second? It's as if Riot could release a turd and put a 975 price tag on it and all of you would buy it because it's new.
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