Poppy in ARAM?

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User Info: GGAGAHC

5 years ago#1
I bought Poppy just because she's so damn cheap but she pops up all the damn time when I do ARAM's and I have no idea what I'm doing with her. What do you guys suggest? I get that I'm supposed to knock someone in to the wall, which is made easier because of how tiny Proving Grounds is, but that same tininess is such a disadvantage, as a knock-stun usually means four other people jumping on my ass. :(
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User Info: Frostshock

5 years ago#2
Passive gold and levels solves Poppy's useless-for-20-minutes problem.

Rush Merc's and TF, ult some poor fool, and either burst him down with impunity or destroy the rest of his team.
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User Info: Ep1c_Win

5 years ago#3
Ok with Poppy in ARAM you do dis:

Start Philo, boots, and 2 pots
Help out as best you can as you...
Rush Trinity Force (start with sheen)
Once you get Trinity Force (or before it if the opportunity presents itself) you ult the most useless champion on their team and you run to their squishiest carry and BLOW THEM INTO PIECES. They can do nothing to you while your ult is on except for the person you ulted. After Trinity is done you build Gunblade.

After you blow up their carry, your job is to cause chaos because the enemy team will try to focus you when your ult wears off. Use your E to juke and look for opportunites to pin someone against a wall with E.

Once you get Trinity Force, you can literally win the whole game because Poppy with TF is insanely strong. The last time I got Poppy in ARAM I would've gotten a penta kill if it wasn't for scumbag Aladair stealing it. Still, a quadra with Poppy is tough to pull off in ARAM.

Masteries should be 0/21/9. The rune page I usually run with her is mpen marks, flat armor seals, scaling MR glyphs and AP quints although I'm not sure if that's optimal. Open up with a point in all of her skills, get lvl 2 in her W and then max Q, then E, then W.

Oh and make sure you spam her joke for maximum power.
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User Info: enamea

5 years ago#4
Let them jump on you? As long as you're not being ridiculously stupid, the trades should be in your favor.

User Info: aibohphobia

5 years ago#5
get a couple early gp5
dick around for 15-20 min
buy triforce
ult someone with low cc and just walk into their team

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