Big reddit topic on Froggen flaming

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User Info: Habnot

5 years ago#91
Man, I'm not even going to pretend I haven't raged harder in video games.
Look, the point is to get him to go to the naked party, not correctly interpret the Bible. - Ridley X.

User Info: Barocrates

5 years ago#92
Covenant posted...
Man, people are going to start thinking I care about how big of an ass Froggen is just because I have to correct all of these blatantly fallacious defenses of him. Just know that if people were condemning him for fallacious reasons I would be attacking their reasoning as well!

"Glad to see Froggen's true colors", yeah because getting mad and going off on someone once is your true self, despite years of friendly behavior and good review.

People who said that before his asinine response were wrong to do so for exactly the reason you state.

However, once he defends and attempts to justify the behavior, you can't just dismiss it like that. He genuinely tried to make an argument for why that behavior is acceptable, which means that we have to take his argument in good faith and accept that he actually believes it.

If you believe that such behavior is acceptable, which the standards of common decency combined with Froggen's behavior force us to believe is the case with him, then you are an awful person even if you spend 99% of your life pretending that you aren't.

I was ready to point out that I think people are leaning too heavily on the side of "he's obviously trying to excuse his behavior and think he did nothing wrong", with little to no consideration that he may have a point of view as well. I did all of this under the assumption that, like most things, his in-game reaction and actual phrases used were exaggerated a bit.

Then i finally managed to find some pictures of the chat logs.

Eesh. I have nothing to say.
The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don't know anything about.
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