All champs have no CDs. Who is the strongest?

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User Info: gallantknight

5 years ago#81
Soraka's wish is instant, Karthus' Requiem is not.
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User Info: SA_X_Mk_II

5 years ago#82
All champs would be restricted by Mana and Mana regen... or Energy... or Health... or Rage...

Except the Manaless champs.

I wonder, would the marks from Kat's initial Q be triggered for any subsequent Q she throws? Just image a team fight for her. XD

ShunpoShunpoShunpoShunpoShunpoShunpoShunpo... ALL DAY LONG.
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User Info: necroix05

5 years ago#83
Vladimir can't die.
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User Info: YourJanissary

5 years ago#84
user_pt posted...
YourJanissary posted...
user_pt posted...
I don't see where TC mentioned that champs would have infinite mana. Only 0 CD. Therefore, those who rely on mana to do the abilities would be dependent on mana regen to keep casting them (the same is true for energy, etc.). So, manaless champions would rule, obviously.

sit in the fountain

Not enough mana regen to keep casting high mana abilities continuously. Besides, health regen.
I like to keep realism in imaginary situations.

the champions that would sit in the fountain would likely go 5xAA deathcap anyways, so mana wouldn't be that much of a problem as the fountain regenerates % mana and each AA gives 25 mp5.

in any case, GP can sit in base and all the free ability champions will be unable to do anything in return as there will be nothing but creeps to push back.
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User Info: Skunkdog1

5 years ago#85

gets to level 6

spams ult all day

User Info: VeeVees

5 years ago#86
Skunkdog1 posted...

gets to level 6

spams ult all day

and do crap dps because he still needs to cast
Rudy sucks

User Info: Snacks23

5 years ago#87
vlad has an early game
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