What's the longest-running LoL joke?

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User Info: OrtonRKO

4 years ago#31
Jesse Perring.

There is no other answer.
"I guess people use myspace in philly? I just googled "is scott hartnell a lesbian" and that was the first thing that came up." - bbert901

User Info: TeeHunter13

4 years ago#32
orcus_snake posted...
Better nerf Irelia.
And now, I'm thinking again, isn't there
something we can do about something we can't do anything about?

User Info: Xelltrix

4 years ago#33
Better nerf Irelia is literally the only one on the TC's list that I've heard of.

From: davidaaronk | Posted: 11/4/2012 4:49:09 PM | #004
mordekaiser es #1 hue hue

Personal favorite.
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User Info: soGLORIOUS

4 years ago#34
nice try guy.
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User Info: funkedelike

4 years ago#36
Black_Assassin posted...

I demand more attention to this
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User Info: rpvarela

4 years ago#37
Oranges and it was k?
One Chryssalid is all it takes...

User Info: AznJudge

4 years ago#38
riot pls
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User Info: jikilamed

4 years ago#39
Psn: Jikilamed

User Info: Meeptwotwice22

4 years ago#40
OrtonRKO posted...
Jesse Perring.

There is no other answer.
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