What's the longest-running LoL joke?

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User Info: stascakbw07

5 years ago#51
From: Sythstrife99 | #014
most of these jokes belong in a museum

Ok Dr. Jones.
Your carry is the best player on my team!

User Info: _Yag_

5 years ago#52
- When Jesse Perring enters a game, the Baron ragequits.

- Items in the shop pay Jesse Perring to be used.

- Jesse Perring's ELO is longer than pi.

- When Jesse Perring gets in range, turrets target themselves.

- When Jesse Perring uses Karthus's ultimate, several people in Asia die.

- When Blitzcrank uses Rocket Grab, he is pulled to Jesse Perring.

- Jesse Perring plays League of Legends with the monitor off.

- Guardian Angel armor is really Cloth Armor that Jesse Perring has touched.

- Jesse Perring uses Ashe's Frost Arrow to hit opponents in next week's game.

- Jesse Perring has gotten a dodecakill in a one-on-one game.

- Jesse Perring has kissed Skribbles on the mouth...with tongue...really...
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User Info: jepaan

5 years ago#53
Ryze face roll is pretty old too.

User Info: cjmithrandir

5 years ago#54
Better nerf Irelia, (she deals) Tons of Damage.

"You'll prob'ly win or lose, it doesn't matter what you do" - Dyrus
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User Info: JetdaHawk

5 years ago#55
Soraka's bananas is pretty old.
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User Info: CptMellow

5 years ago#56
too stronk

User Info: EDumey

5 years ago#57
You guys are missing a pretty huge one.

I think it's still one of my signature images.

User Info: lnodiv

5 years ago#58

User Info: DiplomacySC

5 years ago#59
Team Solomid
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