Looking to buy the most underpowered champ

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User Info: Argg0

5 years ago#51
Suffer_Not posted...


If loses meant something, Alistar (7th worst of the month) and Jayce (9th worst of the day) would be among the worst ones.
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User Info: Cirrus101

5 years ago#52
AllGodsDie posted...
Karma support. Viktor is just underplayed not underpowered.

this. if people would just stop playing her as support and started using her as mid, much of the "omg #worstsupport" BS would be gone.
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User Info: Dragonfable101

5 years ago#53
I'd say Karma, overall.
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User Info: Evray

5 years ago#54
Alkereon posted...
The fact that nobody can agree on which Champions are outclassed or just under-rated makes me think that every Champion has some kind of use at the moment.

That said, I think that Heimerdinger or Master Yi (When built AD) are the weakest Champions in the game right now. The Revered Inventor is really good at pushing and holding lanes though, so that can be extremely effective in some situations.

I adc with yi and face roll.
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User Info: Reseru

5 years ago#55
I've never lost a lane against Heimerdinger. From what I hear Syndra is really bad and I believe it because I haven't seen anyone play her since the day she was released. I don't remember the last time I saw a Karma or Urgot.

Every champion can be useful depending on your team and your enemy's picks and, of course, how good you are with them. I don't know if there's a champion who just has like the worst kit and numbers out of anyone (Syndra? Elise has a strange kit but we're still figuring her out).

Heimer, though, man. I LOVE laning against Heimer. He pushes so hard that it's impossible for his jungler to come gank me so I'm safe from that, and he goes down so quickly without doing any counter-damage that I just make up lost CS by killing him. If he pushes TOO hard then my tower goes down and I roam with my jungler; it works because, since he pushed so hard, that the rest of the lanes are still in that stalemate/farming phase

User Info: Gun Sage

Gun Sage
5 years ago#56
Biglabron posted...
Poppy is rather under powered. Her early game is very frail and she requires proper positioning to land the double dmg on her dash. Her ult can't be used to full potential at top lane unless the jungler is nearby to target with it.

Poppy is a hyper carry that you take top like it's your own farming island. You don't care what the enemy top is doing because of your passive, you build like an ADC with a little more bruiser to you, and then get to the teamfight phase wrecking shop. Place your ult on the enemy tank or support, and laugh as the enemies try and peel you off their carry while you just decimate the entire team... When poppy is fed, even tanks drop in a couple hits.
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