Free champions 11/6/12

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User Info: EltoniaX

5 years ago#31
damnit I hate yorki
you have some extreme mental instability issues- Lmaokai
I'm a mobile fountain triangle!

User Info: OwlRammer

5 years ago#32
wtf Yorki is free this time? He was always my most hated match-up, now I have to see more Yorkis this week -_-
BlazBlue Continuum Shift - Main: Platinum Sub: Tager|OwlRammer for everything
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User Info: rpvarela

5 years ago#33
Annie - Own.
Anivia - Not interested.
Nautilus - Already tried.
Caitlyn - She's always free.
Taric - Own.
Amumu - Own.
Yorick - Boring.
Corki - Own.
Sejuani - Already tried, didn't like.
Renekton - Could try.
One Chryssalid is all it takes...

User Info: Grimtron

5 years ago#34
Annie - LOL
Anvia - No, nope nope nope nope
Naut - Cool, been wanting to trying him out
Cait - awesome, this champ has never ever been on free week ever before, ever.
Taric - own
Amumu - Own
Yorki - been wanting to try him
Corki - Yay :D
Sej - Gonna be fun
Reneketon - Lizard wizaaaaard

Anyhow that my 5cents after my horrible grammar and spelling from before.
Rin is mai Waifu
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User Info: UncleAssMuff

5 years ago#35
Annie- 450 champ, nuf said.
Anvia- Owned.
Naut- I may try him out.
Cait- Not interested.
Taric- Owned.
Amumu- Owned.
Yorki- lol Yorki
Corki- Owned.
Sej- I might try her again.
Reneketon - He interests me.
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