Who are canonically the most powerful champions?

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User Info: DragonMoon

4 years ago#81
Part of being summoned involves laying the mind bare to the summoner. Its why there was a fuss over vayne(she was hiding things) and in her judgement the summoner's even mention letting her join as a way to keep an eye on her.

Bad magic is the purpose of the League and summoner's, Xerath is watched so heavily the first sign of him doing wrong would be a massive magical lockdown.

Then again with recent lore Riot has been trampling on previously established lore so this might all be meaningless.

User Info: Ephidel

4 years ago#82
funkys-flights posted...
Imagine an mma match where one fighter has agreed to use sock'em boppers as a handicap. The other has recently been handcuffed and in doing so can only combat with about 50% of his full potential. Now these two are still competing and even besting other fighters who are at their maximum strength (fiora, teemo, j4 etc..). Yet between the two at full potential, the one who releases their hand cuffs will surely best the other

The thing about Jax is that in his case, unleashing his full potential is like replacing the Sock'em Boppers with a tactical nuke.

Still, I agree that the way they've laid out the lore makes it pretty pointless to argue. And even going with the "Jax is the old head summoner" angle that I personally believe in, I have to admit that you may actually be right about Xerath in the hypothetical situation where he truly had no restraints. But I feel that Jax would be no pushover in that battle, so he's still pretty high up there.
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  3. Who are canonically the most powerful champions?

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