Champions you can't stand to lane against

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User Info: AzNbOiFrM9i6

4 years ago#71
Darius :(!, Bleed is op!

User Info: DartDragoon

4 years ago#72
Blitz and Akali ****s me up so bad. I can't seem to ever be able to dodge Blitz's grabs and Akali...I just don't know how to handle her EVER.
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User Info: RaytheRuler

4 years ago#73
Biglabron posted...
Kirbix posted...
Katarina. She's my mid opponent in 4 of the last 5 games I played, and she's just a pain in the neck to deal with.

pick a champion that disrupts her ult and then just free farm?

Gragas for instance free farms against kat, just use the ult only when she attempts to ult you and after she has shunpo.

It really is a farm lane.

Gragas can't free farm against a kat; he uses mana (and a lot of it), she doesn't. You'll continuously take daggers to the face until you're low enough for her to jump you. A good kat won't walk into the stray barrel nor will you likely get the opportunity to Body Slam + Barrel without her shunpo'ing out. Gragas can't sustain that lane unless he maxes W and maybe gets a chalice.

Katarina, Teemo and Blitz have to be the most annoying lane opponents, possibly darius too.

User Info: cheezesticks

4 years ago#74
Morgana or Fiddle here...I HATE them!!
"The turning of the tide always begins with one soldier's decision to head back into the fray."

User Info: QuantumMechonis

4 years ago#75
Blitzcrank and Alistar when I go support or AD carry

Talon, Kassadin when I go AP mid
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User Info: FreshSushi

4 years ago#76
LB. There's no skill involved in any of LBs match ups. It's you can kinda deal with her bs early or you can't.

Blitz. Just cause I can dodge your low level grabs all day doesn't mean my support/ADC can too.

Irelia. Oh I got 2 kills on you top lane as J4, hey wtf how can you all of a sudden just straight up out trade me and I can't even out maneuver you yo balanced.

Nid. Hey look at me reach 6 and suddenly my skillz increase 10 levels.
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User Info: nyhustler208

4 years ago#77
yorick is the only champ that makes it boring to lane against
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User Info: nomore

4 years ago#78
That chick with the plants.

User Info: TeeHunter13

4 years ago#79
And now, I'm thinking again, isn't there
something we can do about something we can't do anything about?

User Info: Kuroth_Neidra

4 years ago#80
nomore posted...
That chick with the plants.


And she's not THAT bad, but I agree it's not much fun.

I hate playing against LeBlanc with a fiery passion that outshines a thousand suns.
"How are you a vet if you can't fly and shoot laser beams? It just doesn't make any sense." -Raging_Placenta
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