Giant Teemo changes coming in S3!

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User Info: vinakro

4 years ago#1

These sure are some significant buffs, I personally can't wait to play some games after this is implemented!

User Info: GlobalCooling

4 years ago#2
inb4 people think it's real

User Info: xDarknezzx

4 years ago#3
too good to be true

User Info: GujinKami

4 years ago#4
Thank lord. I can't stand Teemo, and he was a hinder to the LoL community. I don't even want a refund of IP/RP I spent on him, I'm just glad he's gone.

User Info: Smishhh

4 years ago#5
The public recognition of Teemo hate is enough for me. I just hate him so much.
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User Info: masterplum

4 years ago#7
No chance
yE frE me Kweku Ananse Papa

User Info: qqaaxx

4 years ago#8
This is why I love playing Teemo
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User Info: _HeX

4 years ago#9
lol they are not removing teemo you gullible fools.
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User Info: Grimtron

4 years ago#10
I only wish this was real.

I could play singed everyday with no worries.
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  3. Giant Teemo changes coming in S3!

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