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User Info: Try_Harder_Nubz

5 years ago#11
From: DarcKage | #010
Midnight Ahri
Crimson Akali
Blood Moon Akali
Unchained Alistar
Sad Robot Amumu
Frostfire Annie
Bird of Prey Anivia
Sherwood Ashe
Queen Ashe
Apocalyptic Brand
Sheriff Caitlyn
Arctic Warfare Caitlyn
Siren Cassiopeia
Loch Ness Cho'gath
Soul Reaver Draven
Death Blossom Elise
Fiddle Me Timbers Fiddlesticks
Royal Guard Fiora
Headmistress Fiora
Atlantean Fizz
Enchanted Galio
Desert Garen
Dreadknight Garen
Gragas, Esq
Bloodknight Hecarim
Nightblade Irelia
Infiltrator Irelia
Frostblade Irelia
Dragonslayer Jarvan
Temple Jax
Sun Goddess Karma
Pentakill Karthus
Deep One Kassadin
Mercenary Katarina
Kitty Cat Katarina
Viridian Kayle
Unmasked Kayle
Battleborn Kayle
Judgement Kayle
Mecha Kha'Zix
Karate Kennen
Caterpillar Kog'Maw
Monarch Kog'Maw
Reindeer Kog'Maw
Deep Sea Kog'Maw
Prestigious LeBlanc
Acolyte Lee Sin
Valkyrie Leona
Spell Thief Lux
Shadow Prince Malzahar
Vizier Malzahar
Totemic Maokai
Haunted Maokai
Ionia Master Yi
Waterloo Miss Fortune
Road Warrior Miss Fortune
Mafia Miss Fortune
Lord Mordekaiser
Exiled Morgana
Sinful Succulence Morgana
Galactic Nasus
Pharaoh Nasus
Dreadknight Nasus
K-9 Riot Nasus
Abyssal Nautilus
French Maid Nidalee
Witch Nidalee
Void Nocturne
Ravager Nocturne
Haunting Nocturne
Sasquatch Nunu
Workshop Nunu
Goth Orianna
Sewn Chaos Orianna
Perseus Pantheon
Fullmetal Pantheon
Blacksmith Poppy
Battle Regalia Poppy
Ninja Rammus
Galactic Renekton
Bloodfury Renekton
Redeemed Riven
Battle Bunny Riven
Championship Riven
Bilgerat Rimble
Professor Ryze
Dark Crystal Ryze
Yellow Jacket Shen
Ironscale Shyvanna
Dark Flame Shyvanna
Riot Squad Singed
PAX Sivir
Silent Night Sona
Guqin Sona
Northern Swain
Tyrant Swain
Justicar Syndra
Crimson Elite Talon
Recon Teemo
Riot Girl Tristana
Buccaneer Tristana
Rocketeer Tristana
Demon Blade Tryndamere
Dragonslayer Vayne
Vindicator Vayne
White Mage Veigar
Grey Beard Veigar
Marquis Vladimir
Thunder Lord Volibear
Tundra Hunter Warwick
Feral Warwick
Volcanic Wukong
Jade Dragon Wukong
Runeborn Xerath
Commando Xin Zhao
Undertaker Yorick

*high fives*
LoL/XBL/Steam/Everything: TryHarderNubz

User Info: Dota2

5 years ago#12
you people...

User Info: Master_Pwner

5 years ago#13

User Info: Kujja

5 years ago#14
Tundra Hunter Warwick
Dragon Fist Lee Sin
Dragon Slayer Vayne

Thinking of fisherman Fizz

User Info: megasuprwaffle

5 years ago#15
all of them

User Info: zefig

5 years ago#16
Riot Tristana
Unchained Alistar
Samurai Yi
Arcade Sona
Marquis Vlad
Wii FC: 1686 5820 3040 7075
XBL: PettyAlchemy

User Info: DarkestPanda

5 years ago#17
Shouldn't you be saving for college? >_>

User Info: Maurith

5 years ago#18
Foxfire Ahri
Unchained Alistar (Free)
Hextech Anivia
Zombie Brand
Jurassic Cho'Gath
Frosted Ezreal
Pulsefire Ezreal
Headmistress Fiora
Atlantean Fizz
Tundra Fizz
Frostblade Irelia
Frost Queen Janna
Darkforge Jarvan IV
High Command Katarina
Karate Kennen
Iron Solari Leona
Imperial Lux
Shadow Prince Malzahar
Totemic Maokai
Haunted Maokai
Dreadknight Nasus
Battle Regalia Poppy
Redeemed Riven
Championship Riven
Rumble in the Jungle
Earthrune Skarner
Arcade Sona
Justicar Syndra
Riot Girl Tristana (Free)
Rocket Girl Tristana
Primal Udyr
Vindicator Vayne
Thunder Lord Volibear
Feral Warwick
General Wukong
Pool Party Ziggs
[LoL favourites: Fizz, Janna, Rumble, Ezreal, Sona, Katarina, Volibear, Ahri, Syndra, Poppy, Tristana, Amumu, Vayne, Maokai, Irelia]

User Info: Diced212

5 years ago#19
From the top of my head:
Hextech anivia
Prototype viktor
Marquis vladimir
riot girl tristana
unchained alistar

Might be forgetting some, maybe I'll check and edit it tomorrow.
League of Legends: TheThirdDay

User Info: DuDuDu10101

5 years ago#20
megasuprwaffle posted...
all of them
*slaps TC with a raw chicken*
This will continue until you make proper gamefaqs messages.
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