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User Info: samuricex

5 years ago#81
Free Ali
Free Trist
Ravager Nocturne (was on sale and didn't think I would buy anymore RP, lol)
Haunted Maokai
"Think you're a dragon slayer? Come here and try." -Shyvana

User Info: Ferd_Da_Bird

5 years ago#82
Haunting noct


Bird of Prey master race

*Free tristana skin*

Arctic Pikachu

Frost *Queen* Janna

Rune Skarner


Think that's all.
Never give up.
Never surrender.

User Info: CosmosYears

5 years ago#83
Unchained Alistar
Earthrune Skarner
Chosen Yi
Samurai Yi
Goth Annie
Frozen Terror Nocturne
Dark Flame Shyvana
Battlecast Xerath
Jurrasic Cho'gath
Fisherman Fizz
Headless Hecarim
Unmasked Kayle
Kennen M.D.
Lord Mordekaiser
Totemic Maokai
Championship Riven
Number of people who have said, "Listen to Cosmos": 32
LOL IGN: Aladair

User Info: Seltox

5 years ago#84
Foxfire Ahri
Crimson Akali
Matador Alistar
Unchained Alistar
Pharaoh Amumu
Noxus Hunter Anivia
Red Riding Annie
Woad Ashe
Boom Boom Blitzcrank
Resistance Caitlyn
Nightmare Cho'Gath
Lord Darius
Dark Valkyrie Diana
Mr. Mundoverse
Toxic Dr. Mundo
Masquerade Evelynn
Nottingham Ezreal
Pulsefire Ezreal
Surprise Party Fiddlesticks
Enchanted Galio
Desert Trooper Garen
Scuba Gragas
Gragas, Esq.
Reaper Hecarim
Nightblade Irelia
Hextech Janna
Angler Jax
Sakura Karma
Phantom Karthus
Mercenary Katarina
Unmasked Kayle
Judgement Kayle
Kennen M.D.
Wicked LeBlanc
Valkyrie Leona
Wicked Lulu
Bittersweet Lulu
Imperial Lux
Shamrock Malphite
Shadow Prince Malzahar
Haunted Maokai
Chosen Master Yi
Secret Agent Miss Fortune
Lord Mordekaiser
Exiled Morgana
Galactic Nasus
Leopard Nidalee
Sasquatch Nunu
Forsaken Olaf
Sewn Chaos Orianna
Full Metal Pantheon
Noxus Poppy
Blacksmith Poppy
Scarlet Hammer Poppy
Full Metal Rammus
Outback Renekton
Redeemed Riven
Battle Bunny Riven
Championship Riven
Professor Ryze
Sabretusk Sejuani
Workshop Shaco
Asylum Shaco
Frozen Shen
Yellow Jacket Shen
Blood Moon Shen
Ironscale Shyvana
Darkflame Shyvana
Hextech Sion
Warmonger Sion
Warrior Princess Sivir
Spectacular Sivir
Bandit Sivir
PAX Sivir
Earthrune Skarner
Arcade Sona
Pentakill Sona
Divine Soraka
Northern Front Swain
Justicar Syndra
Armor of the Fifth Age Taric
Emerald Taric
Bloodstone Taric
Badger Teemo
Riot Girl Tristana
Buccaneer Tristana
Lil' Slugger Trundle
Highland Tryndamere
Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate
Gangster Twitch
Primal Udyr
Giant Enemy Crabgot
Butcher Urgot
Leprechaun Veigar
Count Vladimir
Feral Warwick
Winged Hussar Xin Zhao
Pentakill Yorick
Time Machine Zilean
Groovy Zilean


Total: 101

I own at least 1 skin for every champion I have >_>
PSN: Seltox
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